Lungs or Bust! Support Mark McEvoy!

On Friday, January 13th, Haggin Oaks hosted a fundraiser for one of our own, Mark McEvoy, who is battling Cystic Fibrosis and preparing for a second lung transplant. The turnout was amazing and many generous donations were made to Mark and his family. We would like to thank EVERYONE who donated their time, services or money to support Mark! Check out these videos from the event.

Brandi, Mark’s wife, had this to say on their CaringBridge website after the event:

“I wish we could have been at Haggin Oaks’ “Lungs or Bust” (Mark’s words) on Friday. We heard there was an amazing turnout of our friends, family, and even those who don’t know us. (Although I must say that the videos taken by friends – to be posted soon – help to make us feel as though we were there.) We are incredibly grateful for the great and small, the financial and emotional, as well as the physical and spiritual help we have received from everyone so far – we appreciate everyone doing what they can do to help – even reading this, knowing you care enough to know how we are doing helps lift our spirits. The hard work Haggin Oaks’ team put into the fundraiser is greatly appreciated by us, and I know the hard work that is being put into more fundraisers by family and friends amazes us and makes us realize just how blessed we are to have so many people who care in our lives. We love you all.”

Mark still needs our help! If you can help to support Mark financially, click HERE

If you can donate your time, please consider donating a freezer ready meal to the family. Click HERE for details

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