Live Coverage from the 2011 Haggin Oaks Golf Expo

This is it! The Haggin Oaks Golf Expo, “America’s Largest Demo Days” is finally here! Over 175 vendors are on hand showing the latest and greatest golf products, accessories, instructional aids, artwork and more! We have tour vans from PING, TaylorMade, Titleist, Callaway, Mizuno, Cobra and Cleveland allowing you to come out and get fit like a Tour pro at the back of the driving range. Call 916-808-2531 to schedule an appointment.¬† There will be special guest appearances on our Game Improvement Stage by PGA Tour & Champions Tour star Peter Jacobsen, famed putter designer Bob Bettinardi, winner of the ReMax Long Drive Championship and 12-year MLB veteran catcher Pat Dempsey, along with award winning teaching instructors like Rick Sessinghaus, Jim Empey and more! Click HERE for the complete schedule of events.

The best part? Admission is FREE and it is all in one place – the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex located at 3645 Fulton Avenue in Sacramento. I’ll be at the show Friday, April 29th – Sunday, May 1st from 9am – 5pm updating our live blog coverage frequently with exclusive video, photos, commentary and more!

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Sunday, May 1stToday is the final day of the 2011 Haggin Oaks Golf Expo. Come on out for lots of deals from our many vendors. Show hours are from 9am – 5pm today.

Click HERE to see the winners from the 2011 Haggin Oaks Golf Expo Live Blog Contest.

2:48p The Oakley Rolling “O” Lab – Oakley brought their mobile R&D Lab on the road to the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo this weekend and it was an eye-opening experience for me to go inside and see all the amazing technology that Oakley has to offer to their consumers.¬†

James from Oakley spent about thirty minutes educating me this afternoon on their mobile lab which offers optical and impact testing of eyewear. Everyone knows that not all sunglasses are created equal. However, were¬†you aware¬†that Oakley is the only company offering “an optically correct lens with industrial strength durability”?

What makes Oakley different? Their attention to detail for one thing. All of their sunglases are made in-house down at their factory in Southern California. If there is a problem, Oakley can fix it… immediately. Oakley sunglasses also have minimal distortion in their eyewear.¬† These two nifty machines here on the left provide visual demonstrations of the distortion found in many other sunglasses out on the market. These small imperfections in the lenses cause eyestrain and headaches over time.¬† Eventually, they can even distort your vision. With Oakley, all¬†of the lenses they¬†make, regardless of price point, are optically correct lenses.

After being blown away with the optical technology, it was time to see the impact testing that Oakley performs on their eyewear. It is no fluke that many ahtletes and military personnel turn to Oakley to satisfy their sunglass needs. Your vision is precious and can’t be replaced.

Oakley utilizes the American National Standards Institutes industrial testing guidelines to create the best possible eyewear. James demonstrated the rigors of this testing by shooting a pellet (think of a BB) at 150 ft/sec. from 8 inches away (102mph) into a test pair of glass that shattered upon impact. He repeated the test with a pair of Oakley sunglasses. The result? Barely a ding in the lenses.

As a final test, James dropped a 1.1 pound “spike” down a four foot drop on two pair of sunglasses to illustrate for me how the competition performs against Oakley. This is a test I am definitely not going to volunteer for! Luckily, there was a test-dummy on hand ready to volunteer for the task.

In the first drop, the non-Oakley sunglasses shattered. There is no question the eye would be severely damaged.

In the second drop, a pair of Oakley sunglasses were tested. The sunglasses “dimpled” but they didn’t shatter. Although this isn’t a scenario most people will ever encounter in their everyday lives, it is definitely good to know that the sunglasses on your face will protect your eyes in case of an emergency.¬†

1:00p Junior Golf Development with Kelli Corlett – Our own Kelli Corlett, Director of Junior Golf and Disabled Golfers at Haggin Oaks, took the stage at 1:00 to talk about The Cyclone and Junior Golf Development. According to Kelli, junior golfers under the age of 9 should focus on developing all fundamental movement skills (FMS), not just golf. What exactly is FMS? FMS are general patterns of movement that combine two or more body segments and can be broken into four categories:

  1. Locomotive Skills: Running, Jumping, Dodging, Skipping, Hopping, Bounding, Sprinting
  2. Stability Skills (ABC’s of Athleticism): Agility, Balance, Coordination, Speed, Change of Direction, Disassociation
  3. Manipulative/Object Control Skills: Throw, Kick, Strike, Catch, Dribble, Dodge
  4. Awareness: Space Awareness, Kinesthetic Awareness, Body Awareness, Rules

Many experts agree that a child who develops a better base of FMS will develop golf skills at a faster rate and will peak at a higher level of expertise. For more information on the junior programs that we offer at Haggin Oaks, click HERE.

12:00 – 1:00p Mike Gibson takes the stage in a seminar entitled Fitting the Best Ball to Your Specific Game. Mike is over in the Titleist Golf Ball Fitting booth this weekend and he¬†took time to educate¬†the crowd today on how to find the best golf ball to fit your game. When fitting golf balls, you should start with the irons first, your wedges second and finish with your driver. Your greatest opportunity for scoring is around the green and you want¬†a golf ball that feels soft and¬†will provide¬†good spin for¬†YOUR game¬†to achieve better scores in golf.¬† Titleist wants to get you in a golf ball that will let you hit more greens in regulation. Why? Each green in regulation is worth about two strokes. If you haven’t stopped by the Titleist Mobile Golf Ball Fitting Van yet today, be sure you stop in. Mike and his team will fit you for the best ball for your game AND give you two free sleeves of golf balls too!

11:30a The ladies semi-finals match of the Sacramento City Putting Championship gets ready to start.

11:28a Congratulations to Benedict Tagle, the 2011 Sac City Junior Putting Championship Winner! Benedict was the 2010 winner too!

10:51a Semi-finals match of the Sacramento City Putting Junior Championship at Golf Expo. The Ladies Final is at 11:30a and the Men’s Final is at 2:00p today. Come by and cheer on the contestants.

10:47a Wilson Golf is here! They are giving away a FREE wedge/hybrid with any iron set purchase. Today is the final day of the Golf Expo – so be sure you stop by and say hi to Mary when you visit their booth.

10:40a – Tour Edge Golf – I talked to Jacki who is our Tour Edge rep and the Tour Edge booth has an amazing deal to intice you to try their irons. when you purchase a 7-piece set of their Tour Edge HT Max irons, you’ll get a FREE hybrid ($100 value) and a FREE sand wedge ($43 value). The set only runs $299 – so this is a smokin’ hot deal! According to Jacki, there is also LOTS of interest in their Tour Edge Exotics line. “Driver technology in a fairway wood”. Come try the longest fairway wood in golf for yourself!

9:53a Peter¬†Jacobsen¬†Mark Edgar sent me some great content early this morning from his experiences at yesterday’s Golf Expo. Mark is the President of the Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Club which is a men’s and women’s membership golf club that plays at our sister course, the Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course.¬† Click HERE for information on joining the club. Here is a picture of Peter Jacobsen on Saturday’s Game Improvement Stage.

I like this picture that Mark took that shows the crowd during Peter Jacobsen’s presentation as well as a few of the vendor tents in the background. What a great day!

Pat Dempsey, 12 year MLB veteran catcher and winner of the Senior ReMax Long Drive Championship was on the Game Improvement Stage yesterday afternoon and Mark took many great pictures of his presentation.

Here is another shot of Pat Dempsey. Please visit the Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Club Blog. Mark wrote an excellent recap of his experiences yesterday and I invite everyone to see it for themselves. Click HERE to read his experiences now.

Mark reports that Pat’s longest recorded drive ever was 475 yards. Amazing, isn’t it? Can anyone reading this claim to have hit it further? Mark Edgar is entered to win our Cobra Golf Staff Bag that we are¬†giving away to one lucky “guest blogger”¬†during Golf Expo weekend.¬†Click HERE to send me your pictures and comments and if I post them on¬†our blog, then you are entered to¬†win too!¬†

8:59a COBRA-PUMA Cube Nacito Sanchez sent in two pictures as a “guest blogger” during the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo and he is entered to win the Cobra Golf Staff Bag valued at $300 that we are giving away to one lucky guest blogger who submits a picture or uploaded video link to the 2011 Golf Expo. Want to win? Click HERE to send me your pictures from “America’s Largest Demo Days!”

Here is the second shot that Nacito sent inside the COBRA-PUMA cube yesterday.  The DJ is spinning tunes and Happy Hour is being served from 3pm Р5pm each day of the show!

Saturday, April 30th
It’s day two of the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo and the weather looks fabulous! The wind has died down and it is the perfect day to come check out all of the vendors and check out a few seminars on the Game Improvement Stage!

5:00p Cobra Golf– The show is officially over for today, but I snapped a couple of extra pictures before everything shut down for the evening. Here is Cobra Golf at the back of the driving range.¬† Cobra-PUMA won the Best Display award at the Haggin Oaks Rep Show dinner last night and if you haven’t seen the COBRA-PUMA Cube yet, then you need to make a trip out here. It is located at the front entrance to the Super Shop and “Wow!” is the best way to describe the experience! There is a DJ spinning tunes and Happy Hour looked pretty darn tasty to me earlier this afternoon!¬†I hope some of you had a chance to enjoy it for yourself. Cobra has a special release of their highly anticipated all white S3 driver and it looks SWEET!¬† They are also hosting the “Stick It and Rip It” contest where you could win a trip to caddy for Ian Poulter. Come on out to the Golf Expo for more information. Get custom fit at the back of the driving range – the crowds are low and the service level is high.

4:54p PING has always been a big believer in the necessity of having your clubs custom fit and it shows at this year’s golf Expo.

“Since golfers come in all shapes and sizes, Karsten began work on his famous PING Color Code System to bring the benefits of custom fitting to the average golfer.” ~PING website.

Regardless of your ability, custom fit clubs that are properly fit to your game will help you to hit more consistent shots. Call 916-808-2531 to get fit with the PING Fitting Professionals tomorrow.

4:51p Mizuno Our Mizuno rep, Scott Little, is here and he brought the Mizuno fitting van with him this weekend.  Sunday appointments are available. Call 916-808-2531 for an appointment.

Mizuno’s website says it best, “Your golf swing may not be perfect. But it‚Äôs yours. Whether you‚Äôre a scratch golfer or you just play occasionally, getting the most out of your swing means a better round of golf. And nothing will improve your game more quickly than a set of clubs matched to the unique nuances of your swing.”

4:44p Titleist FittingWorks Van – I had the opportunity to take a step inside the Titleist FittingWorks Fitting Van and snapped a few shots of Brian hard at work inside this mobile workshop.

Titleist filled up their fitting appointment schedule this weekend, but I know we have room to custom fit you in our Player Performance Studio too.

Our Titleist representatives are eager to help fit you for your next set of custom clubs. You have to believe in your game and your equipment to shoot low scores. According to Titleist’s website, their “highly skilled team of fitters utilizes the most advanced tools to help players optimize driver performance, make iron play more precise, dial in their wedges and fine-tune set compositions.” I believe it and you will too once you see their set-up!

4:38p Nike Golf is custom fitting players on the back of the driving range. Do you want Tour Proven Total Control? Do you want more command, control and shot shaping distance? The what are you waiting for? Get fit for the Nike VR Pro Driver which was a 2011 Golf Digest Hot List winner or come on out and try the full line of Nike clubs.  We have them all and the back of the range is THE place to get a quiet fitting experience this weekend.

4:30p TaylorMade Talk to TaylorMade about the science behind their new R11 White Drivers. With the R11’s 3D Tuning, you have the ability to independently tune the loft, face angle and flight path to your individualized swing which will allow you the ability to maximize your distance. Sound good? Come by and see TaylorMade tomorrow during the final day of the Golf Expo.

4:16p Callaway has a great display with all of their staff bags filled with clubs lined up several rows deep at the back of the driving range.

Callaway has recently introduced their Diablo series and you should come try them for yourself this weekend.¬† The Callaway Diablo Octane driver is fueled by Forged Composite, a new “material from Callaway that allows superior distribution of clubhead mass, compared with all-titanium drivers” and is 8 yards longer than titanium. This results in an extremely high MOI.

4:12p Cleveland Golf Fitting Van Cleveland Golf brought their fitting van to the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo this year and they have more than enough clubs on hand to get you perfectly fit in the ideal set for your game. Cleveland Golf offers a full line of equipment that features a classic look. Cleveland has 7 clubs that made the 2011 Golf Digest Hot List, including their TL310 drivers, SL290 drivers, XL270 and XL270 Draw drivers, the CG15 and CG16 wedges and their Classic BRZ putters.

4:05p Time to hit the back of the driving range. We have all of our Fitting Vans on the back of the driving range where you can get fit like a pro in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere. Spend some one-on-one time with the company representatives.  Call 916-808-2531 to schedule an appontment. Limited spaces still available.

3:00p Guest blogger Alicia sent in a few pictures showing the fun her crew was having today at Golf Expo.

Here is another picture from Alicia. The Haggin Oaks Golf Expo is definitely a family affair.

Guest blogger Alicia is now entered to win a FREE Cobra Golf Staff Bag ($300 value). We have one to give away to one lucky “guest blogger” who submits a picture or uploaded video link.¬† We’ll draw our winner on Sunday. Click HERE to enter! We’re also giving away a dozen Titleist DT Solo golf balls each day. All you need to do to enter that contest is leave a comment on this blog about the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo. Easy, right?

2:37p SRIXON GOLF EXPO OFFER: With the purchase of any dozen SRIXON golf balls, get a FREE SRIXON Z STAR hat and a bonus sleeve of golf balls FREE!

2:27p Oakley Rolling O Lab – Come check out Oakley’s Rolling O Lab and find out the science behind sunglasses. Not all sunglasses are created equal!

1:26p РNIKEiD РFREE Personalization with the Purchase of ANY 2 Dozen Nike Golf Balls РI have never seen anything like this before. Have your golf balls personalized while you wait at the Golf Expo this year. The entire process only takes about 10-15 minutes from start to finish Рand it is incredibly interesting to watch.

The Haggin Oaks Golf Expo represents the first time NIKE Golf has brought this new ball printer out on the road. The printer comes from Asia and its small size and portability allows for almost instant personalization of your golf balls.

Tired of only a few color options for your personalized golf balls? The NIKEiD golf ball imprinter has an endless assortment of color options and you can choose from numerous fonts as well. What are you waiting for? The new Nike 20XI golf balls arrived and are in stock too!

Here is our Haggin Oaks golf ball! Pretty, isn’t it?

1:22p – SHOW SPECIALS in the AMA Booth: Get a free hardcase when you purchase a pair of Sundog Eyewear this weekend.

AMA also has the new Zarma Spikes available for $14.99. These spikes have three layers – a strong base, a comfort center and an outer traction layer. These spikes are a lot more comfortable than other spikes out on the market and they have the added benefit of gret durability, comfort and traction. This weekend, you can also get a FREE spike brush with purchase ($10 value).

1:17p AMA Booth – Congratulations to Ryan Chin and the entire AMA team for winning Morton Golf’s 1st Annual “Best Golf Rep” Award at last night’s Rep Show dinner!

1:09p – Distance made simple… Bushnell – Stop by the Bushnell booth this weekend. If you purchase the new Bushnell Hybrid, you get a FREE 7 day Wireless Forecaster for Golf ($100 value)

12:14p Pulled from our Facebook page:

“The PUMA Tent… was awesome” Bryan O’Sullivan

10:00-11:00a – Peter Jacobsen telling stories and bringing humor through memories on¬† the Game Improvement Stage – Peter Jacobsen is witty, funny and has a long history in the game of golf. It was a pleasure to sit in and listen to his tales with the standing room only crowd during his 10 o’clock show.¬†

Peter took lots of questions from the crowd. When asked, “Who’s swing do you wish you owned?” I think his answer surprised the crowd when he replied, “John Daly”. In Jacobsen’s opinion, Daly has the “most raw talent” and the most efficient swing with “great power and great balance.”

Another question asked if Jacobsen had a favorite song back in the days when he was making music as “Jake Trout” with Jake Trout and the Flounders. Jacobsen had a smile on his face and it was easy to see the great friendship he¬†shared with Payne Stewart. Payne is deeply missed as the two bonded and became great friends when both of their fathers had cancer.¬† In answer to the question, Jacobsen’s favorite song was a take off on Randy Newman’s “I Love LA” on their 2nd CD called, “I Love to Play”.¬† Jake Trout and the Flounders represented “great memories of fun stuff.”

Jacobsen has made 17 Hole-in-One’s and if he could play any course in the world with any four people, he would choose Pebble Beach and the round would include Jack Lemmon, Ben Hogan and his late father. If he could make it a 5-some, then Fuzzy would join the group too!¬†

9:00a Robert Bettinardi from Bettinardi Golf takes the stage on the Game Improvement Stage.  Bob Bettinardi got his start in 1991 making parts for the medical and defense industries. He is based in Chicago and he got his start in golf after a phone call with Cleveland Golf led to a tour of their facility in San Diego to learn how to make a putter. Six months later, Bettinardi made his first decent putter and the stage was set for where he is today. What makes Bettinardi designed putters unique? Bettinardi makes one-piece technology putters Рmeaning the hosel and body are one piece Рand they were the first to do so.

From 1991 Р1998, Bettinardi made putters for several major manufacturers, including Callaway and Titleist and found major success when PGA Tour player Bernhard Langer used a Bettinardi designed putter to win the 1993 Masters.  In 1999, Bettinardi started making putters under his own name in his own manufacturing facility outside of Chicago. Success on the Tour continued with Yasper Parnovic winning the 1999 Greensboro with only 99 putts over four rounds. Jim Furyk was playing a Bettinardi putter that he had picked up on Wednesday afternoon when he won the 2003 US Open and Vijay Singh had a Bettinardi designed putter in his hands when he won the 2004 PGA Championship.

Today, Bettinardi has 3 types of putters, their BB series, the Studio Stock series and their Signature series. They focus on maintaining the higest quality with EXACT measurements and they pride themselves on finishes that will not corrode or runt over time. Their headcover doesn’t even have velcro on it, because they don’t want it to scratch the putter. They use a neoprene cover instead.

Their Studio Stock putters feature FIT Face (Feel Impact Technology). They have taken material away from the face and this creates a putter designed to give you a soft feel. Their Signature Series features an all Stainless Steel line of putters.

Bettinardi revealed that they are working on a line of putters for the ladies in 2012 that they are calling the Queen Bee. Bob’s wife has been helping to develop the design and I wouldn’t expect to see much pink in this ladies line of putters – maybe a champagne color?

Bettinardi also shared some insights on how YOU should choose a putter. “Quality = Confidence” according to Bettinardi and there are three things you should consider when buying a new putter:

  1. “Find something that looks good to your eye.” Don’t even¬†bother picking the putter up if you don’t like the look of it. This should account for ~50% of your decision making process.
  2. “Does it feel good?” ¬†~30% of your decision
  3. “Get Fit!” Don’t buy a standard 35″ 330g putter if you need a 33″ 340g or 355g putter. Your putter swingweight should be between C9-D7 and most Tour players fall between D3-D5. What’s your swingweight? Come into Haggin Oaks and get fit to find out!

I have one more photo to share from the first day of the show – the back of the driving range has all of our tour vans. Back here, you can get fit like a pro and several of the vans have the capacity to make your clubs up right on the spot. To schedule an appointment, call 916-808-2531. Openings are available, but spaces are limited.

Here is another photo that was submitted for yesterday’s events. I think it represents the varied products that are on hand and has me wondering: What is going to peak your interest at the Golf Expo? Will it be the major club vendors like Titleist, Cobra, PING, TaylorMade, Nike, Callaway, Cleveland and more that are all here with clubs to demo and try on the driving range and our putting green? What about our Golf Course Alley with area golf courses on hand to provide coupons and more information about their facilities? Or how about the health and wellness booths?¬† If you need to sit for a bit and get some awesome education, then find our Game Improvement Stage with hourly seminars on teaching and wellness with guest appearances by Bob Bettinardi and Peter Jacobsen.

This shot was submitted of television station 32 from San Francisco coming out to cover the Golf Expo yesterday. I like our eagle in the background – it is very patriotic.

Here is another picture that was sent to me from yesterday’s show.¬† It is Rick Sessinghaus on the Game Improvement Stage. He’s back today at 11:00 talking about the Mental Game – definitely worth checking out his presentation.

Dave Wolfe sent in a photo for our Cobra Staff Bag contest. We’re giving away a Cobra Staff Bag ($300 value) to one lucky “guest blogger” during the Golf Expo. Entering is easy! Click HERE to send me your photo or uploaded video from Golf Expo. If I post it on the blog, then you are entered to win!

“The Expo is great because it puts small, new companies like Volo Golf on the same stage as the big players.” – Dave Wolfe

Friday, April 29th

7:18p Pulled from Facebook:

“Spent a few very busy hours at the Haggin Oaks Demo Days. What a solid display; been to many shows, none better nor as good. Thanks ..” James De Vous

5:00p – As Day One of the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo winds down, I am getting ready to head up to the Rep Dinner that Morton Golf puts on for all of our vendors- it is an annual tradition. I’ll be back tomorrow morning reporting live from the show and I would love to get your feedback and photos too. We are giving away a Cobra Staff Bag ($300 value) to one “guest blogger” who shares their pictures or video with us during the three days of the Golf Expo. If I post it on our blog, then you are entered to win. Click HERE to send me your¬†pictures today!

4:30p –¬†Titleist Golf Ball Fitting Van¬†– I ran into Mike Gibson with Titleist. Stop by to see him tomorrow or Sunday at the Titleist Golf Ball Fitting Van. He and his team fit over 700 people today for Titleist golf balls. When you get fit, you get a FREE 2-ball sleeve too. How can you pass up that deal? ~Jen

3:00-4:00p – Game Improvement Stage – I sat in on a portion of Rick Sessinghaus’ presentation on the Game Improvement Stage this afternoon and if you missed him today, please catch his presentation tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 11:00am. Sessinghaus is the PGA Metro Section Teacher of the Year and his presentation, “Practice Like a Pro: 5 Steps to Reaching Your Golf Goals” was sponsored by Wilson Golf.

Rick Sessinghaus is a Mental Golf Coach and he spent a long time today talking about motivation and goal setting when you are practicing your game. It isn’t about going out and beating balls on the range – you need to have measurable goals. Ask yourself, “Why are you out here?” and “What do you want to accomplish in your golf game?” Rick spent a great deal of time interacting with the crowd.¬†

According to Rick, you should¬†practice your game with¬†measurable goals, starting with what he likes to refer to as “outcome goals” such as “I want to break 90”. Once you know what you want to accomplish, then you should set some performance goals. What areas of your game do you need to improve? How do you measure this? Take the time to analyze your rounds – keep your stats. How many putts per round are you making? How many greens in regulation? How many fairways hit? Sessinghaus says, “Be honest with where your game is now.” Once you have this information, you can niche it down even further – are you not making putts because you are short in contact? Are you directionally off and not hitting the fairway? Now you can start focusing your practice on things that are under your control. Set your practice goals – think daily, weekly, and monthly. Perhaps you take one monthly lesson and commit to practicing three days per week. What are you going to practice? Well… you can replace old (bad) habits with new (good habits), improve good shots (reaffirm what you are doing well) or learn new shots (such as a flop shot). Awesome advice and a great seminar! Come out tomorrow and catch his seminar at 11 when he presents: “Thinking Like a Champion: 3 Mental Game Skills All Great Players Possess” ~Jen

3:05p Over 180 vendors on hand! – Whoa! I need to spend some time over the next couple of days, stopping in and finding out what each vendor has to offer this weekend. If you want an entry into our daily contest for the free golf balls, let me know – what specials did you find this weekend? ~Jen

2:45p Front of the Driving Range – The action is wild at the front of the driving range where you can try demo clubs from ALL the major manufacturers! ~Jen

2:15p Try your luck at the Sacramento Golf Council City Putting Championship – Want to be crowned the Sacramento City Putting Champion? Come out this weekend and head to the main putting green in front of the Shoe Shop and enter for your chance to qualify for Sunday’s champion round. There are 3 flights and Never Compromise is sponsoring the event – the winner of each flight will get a FREE Never Compromise Gambler Series Putter.¬†

The cost to enter is only $5. Laine Case promises that if you buy 5 entries at $5 each, then you can keep trying to better your score for free after that! There may be as many as 300 contestants over the weekend. ~Jen

2:10p ecco shoes – The tag reads, “Quality, comfort, technology and style.” I stopped by the booth and talked to the rep who wanted to let our readers know that ecco focuses on making the best choices for the golfer. They make shoes that fit the foot and they don’t cut corners. Once you put your foot into an ecco shoe, you won’t want to take it off! ~Jen¬†

1:46p The Bargain Breezeway continues! РI had to take another picture showing you the boxes and boxes of clubs you can pick up this weekend at amazing prices. We have full sets of irons available.  I found new Cobra S2 Drivers for $129.99 and Cobra S2 Fairway Woods at $99.99.  Come early and get the best selection. ~Jen

1:40p¬† The Bargain Breezeway – If you are looking for a bargain this weekend, make your way up to our breezeway (the area between the Shoe Shop and MacKenzie’s Sports Bar & Grille).¬† We have a ton of new and used clubs and the bargains are incredible. Check out Titleist Vokey wedges – starting at $49.99. There are Titleist D3, D10, and 902 drivers priced to move at $199.99. We have bags full of used PING Rapture V2 drivers for $100 or pick up a used PING Rapture V2 fairway wood for $75.¬†¬†

11:42a – “Tea Time”

¬†“… once again the Morton Golf Family has out done themselves … talking w/ golfers and vendors both agree this expo is one of a kind …” Alex Young

Alex Young has sent in a photo from Haggin Oaks today and is entered to win a FREE Cobra Staff Golf Bag (valued at $300). We’ll be giving away a free bag to one lucky winner who submits content that we post on our live blog.¬† Click HERE to send me your photos or links to uploaded YouTube Videos. ¬†

11:10a Dress like a pro in the COBRA-PUMA Cube.  COBRA-PUMA came to the Golf Expo prepared to keep you in style! ~Jen

11:02a COBRA-PUMA Cube Schedule of Events – They have beer, music, games and prizes every day! Stop by for Happy Hour inside the Cube. There will be $3 beer served from 3-5pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can demo Cobra’ high performance equipment, including their BRAND NEW white S3 Driver. There is also a straightest drive contest. Ask about “Stick It and Rip It” for your chance to caddy for Ian Poulter. The booth also allows you to shop for the latest PUMA Golf apparel and footwear! Tired? Take a seat and rest for a bit on their comfy white couches! ~Jen

10:52a Oakley Truck – The Rolling O Lab is here today – I’ll post some pictures a bit later once I have a chance to go inside. This Oakley truck is parked in our parking lot and is responsible for moving the lab. Pretty sweet ride! Does anyone know what kind of truck this is? ~Jen

10:47a Cobra-PUMA Cube – Okay, this is cool! You’ve definitely got to stop by this massive booth and check out all the fun activities to be found inside! Anyone for a game of foosball? ~Jen

10:41a – Kentwool Socks – Stop by and check out Kentwool – they are located near the front entrance of the Super Shop (next to the PUMA Cube). An avid golfer, KENTWOOL CEO Mark Kent had the idea to produce the “World’s Best Golf Sock” after standing in the 18th fairway of the BMW Nationwide Tour Pro-Am tending to blistered, bleeding feet instead of concentrating on the eagle opportunity guaranteeing him a spot in the final round.

Born from that moment is golf’s leading, premium merino wool golf sock that enables golfers of all skill levels to play their best while resisting blisters, abrasion and fatigue. KENTWOOL utilizes its nearly two-century old heritage of superiority in textiles to create socks which draw upon wool’s natural and cool performance fibers for moisture management, sheer comfort and other performance-enhancing benefits.

10:11a Welcome to the Golf Expo -Jen

9:41a – NIKE Golf Ball Demonstration will be starting on our Game Improvement Stage at 10

9:05a VIP Fitting Area – Did you sign up for a VIP Fitting with one of the Tour Vans at the back of the driving range? Call 916-808-2531 to schedule a fitting. Limited space available. ~Tom

6:00a – 9:00a Join the Rise Guys as they Kick Off Golf Expo The Rise Guys will be broadcasting live in MacKenzie’s Sports Bar & Grille at Haggin Oaks from 6a-9a. Stop by MacKenzie’s Grille for $1.40 pancakes too while you listen to the live show.¬† ~Jen

Wee hours of the morning! “Golf Dreams” Here is our first entry in the Cobra Golf Staff Bag contest! This little one is dreaming big thoughts about the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo. Photo submitted by Larry.

Send me your pictures as you shop the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo. If we post them on our live blog coverage during the 3 days of Golf Expo, then you’re entered for a chance to win a Cobra Golf Staff Bag (valued at $300!) Click HERE to submit! ~Jen


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