Limited Edition PING Golf Hoofer C-1 In Red-White-Blue Hit Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop

We just got in six of these beautiful Limited Edition PING Golf Hoofer C-1 red, white and blue bags complete with American flag on the ball pocket. It will be first-come first-served- once they are sold, they’re gone forever.

Engineered for function and style, the next generation Hoofer carries with it a history for performance and reliability. Six reconfigured pocket designs improve access and storage options while giving the nylon bag a progressive and sporty style. A five-way top and two individual dividers provide club separation for easy club removal and replacement. The primary strap retracts for ease of use and dual sliding straps are adjustable while walking to ensure comfort. A water bottle pouch within easy reach while carrying the bag features a magnetic closure for convenient access. The bags retail for $179.99.


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