Letter From A Fan: A Customer Sings Haggin Oaks’ Praises

Thanks to Pia V who shared this great little nugget over at Yelp.com about her new favorite golf facility…

I love this place! I used to use a driving range in San Bruno and when we moved up to Sac we couldn’t find one that really fit our taste, but this did the trick. They have an easy to use machine and you can get a card if you’re there often. They have a a cute little stand for food and to buy balls with a card. I really love the automated t’s, and that you can adjust the height to your liking. Oh, they also have an area for lessons. The entire place is actually much larger then just the driving range, but that’s the only area I’ve been to. My boyfriend had such great times whenever we were here.

I must say that I can’t think of anything about this place that’s negative. It’s a great place to enjoy yourself, even if you don’t really like golf.

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