Improving Your Short Game with Mizuno

Frank LaRosa with Golf to Go on ESPN 1320 looks at the new wedge line from Mizuno with Scott Little.

Mizuno is considered the premier forging company in the world. Check out this video to learn more about the intricate forging process that Mizuno wedges undergo for a quality that can’t be beat.

Mizuno MP T-11 wedges are a teardrop shaped design with a C-grind sole. This is the wedge used by Luke Donald, the #1 short game player in the world. Due to the conforming groove issue, on the 50* – 54* wedges, Mizuno uses a narrower, yet deeper, groove in order to produce more spin on full shots. On the 56* – 64*, they use a wider and a shallower groove, because you get more spin on partial shots. Mizuno is the only company using grooves for loft-specific advantages. The Dynamic Gold Spinner Shaft is standard on this wedge. According to Little, the configuration below the grip “acts as a hinge-effect that gives a forward bending of the club at impact. Instead of the ball rolling all the way up the clubface and losing all its spin, it actually traps the ball and keeps it lower and retains its spin.” Retail: $119.99 Click HERE to shop online at

New for 2012! The Mizuno MP R-12 wedge features more of a round-shaped head than the MP T-11. This wedge also has a M-grind on it, leaving more bounce in the heel so it is easier to hit out of bunkers. Retail: $119.99. Click HERE to learn more at

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