Improve Your Golf Game with this Putting Drill

We’re going to start a new series on this blog, offering a new golf tip at least once a week to help you improve your game. Leave a comment to let us know how each drill works for you and if there is something specific you want to learn. We want to hear from you!

Putting drills are something you can practice just about anywhere, because you don’t need a lot of room. You basically just need a smooth surface with a true roll.  Today’s drill will definitely improve your confidence on the green.

Stand facing a wall with your feet parallel to the wall. Place the putter so the toe of the club is only about an inch from the wall. Set up a ball and take your normal swing. Does your club move away from the wall on your backswing? Does it brush up against the wall? A solid putting stroke has the putter staying the same distance from the wall throughout the entire stroke.

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  1. Anonymous says: | Reply

    I’m confused. I always learned that the natural pendulum stroke moves the putter in an arc, and not a straight line. And that attempting to move the putter in a straight line is a manipulation of this natural pendulum motion.

    So if you’re putter is moving in this natural arc motion, wouldn’t you want to see it move away from the wall a bit in the backswing, come back to the wall as it squares up, and then moves away from the wall a bit in the follow through?

    Not trying to dispute this drill…just trying to better understand how it applies to what I thought was the proper putter stroke.

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. Anonymous says: | Reply

    Dear Anonymous…There are definitely the two schools of thought on putting, the “straight back and thru” belief and the natural “arc” belief. Both have proven to be successful with many, many players over the years. I tend to agree with you and fall into the “arc” camp as I think it allows the putter head to swing more freely, increasing the putter heads natural momentum and ability to control speed and tension in the stroke…This drill can be used regardless of the style however as most people tend to be all over the place with the stroke, both outside and inside on the backstroke and thru stroke. Using the wall as a frame of reference, regardless of style or method chosen, will greatly increase the stroke being “under control” and more consistent, plus, it’s easy to do at home! Thank you for your feedback and question as we love hearing from our customers…great stuff! – Tom Morton, PGA Director of Player Performance

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