I Love that Sound! by Frank LaRosa, Golf To Go ESPN 1320

I thought I was a pretty serious golfer the first time I was fitted for clubs. All these years later, I still don’t have the heart to get rid of my PING Eye 2 irons. They were wildly popular in the 80s and PING Golf was at the forefront of the perimeter weighted cavity back clubs. Today, almost every manufacturer offers this type of forgiving golf club.

PING Golf’s humble beginnings can be traced to the family garage where Karsten Solheim’s late nights, persistence, and curiosity developing innovative products led to the foundation of the world-renowned golf equipment company that celebrates their 50th anniversary this year.

The innovations continue today with the introduction of the G15 and I15 drivers. Don’t look for movable weights or funny shapes. These drivers just work. If maximum forgiveness, distance and accuracy are what you seek, your choice might be the G15. If you like to work your tee shots, the I15’s fade-biased design and its 460cc titanium head is for you.

The sound of a well-struck drive is almost as satisfying as one that actually goes straight and long. With the new PING G15, you get the sound, the straight, and the long!

Although they felt slightly different when I hit them, testing on the track man proved I produced more optimum spin rates and carry distance with the G15, demonstrating the importance and value of proper fitting. If long and down the middle are OK with you, you won’t make a wrong choice with either the G15 or I15 driver from PING Golf.

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