How to Stay Warm While Golfing

As the summer comes to an end, and colder weather creeps in, it’s a good time to cover the importance of staying warm this golf season.

Being warm is not only more comfortable, but it is also vital in reducing injuries. Cold muscles will tighten, which reduces their range of motion and greatly increases the risk of injury. Luckily there are numerous ways to stay warm and safe!

The first and simplest method of staying warm is to layer your clothes properly. Layering properly starts with your base layer. This layer needs to wick moisture and sweat. Otherwise, that moisture will quickly rob your body of heat.

Microfiber and fine wool are good base layer options. Cotton, on the other hand, is not and should be avoided. The second layer should be an insulation layer. This is a layer to reflect or insulate your body’s thermal heat. A down-insulated puff jacket can be an excellent second layer.

Finally, the outer layer should provide wind/rain protection. It’s recommended to bring each layer regardless of whether you think you’ll need them. You can always remove a layer, but you can’t go back home to grab one. Be sure to not overheat though, as sweat close to your body can quickly cause heat loss in cold environments. 

An important part of any winter setup is a quality pair of winter golf gloves. Golf is a game of feel and precision. Cold hands quickly lose their ability to feel small vibrations and can lose their fine motor skills as well. Keeping your hands warm is pivotal to performing well in the cold. Remember that gloves that are too bulky or not grippy enough can be problematic as well. Hence, it is also recommended to utilize a disposable or reusable hand warmer to keep your hands warm while you’re not hitting. Purchase a set of gloves that are warm enough, but that does not sacrifice too much feel or dexterity. 

Colder weather usually means wetter weather as well. When it comes to golf shoes this means you should get some well insulated and WATERPROOF golf shoes. It is a bonus if they use Gore-Tex and are breathable as well.

Similar to hands, cold feet lose the ability to feel and perform fine motor movements. This means it’s important to keep them warm even when they are wet and cold. Luckily, merino wool socks stay insulating even when wet. This makes these wool socks an excellent choice for golfers looking to stay warm!

Another way to regulate your body’s temperature is to monitor what you put into it. Human bodies are natural space heaters. Eating a quality meal before golfing can help ensure you have enough energy to stay warm. Bringing hot coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate can be excellent as well. These warm drinks can quickly heat you up and keep you active. 

The final recommendation is to simply stay active. It’s easy to want to bundle up and stay still when you’re cold. However, it’s better to walk around, stretch, do some light cardio, and stay warm. Don’t stay still for too long or you’ll get cold and tense up. 

Hopefully, some of these recommendations and tips are helpful for you this winter season. There are some beautiful courses that are open year-round, so don’t let the cold keep you indoors!

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