How to Select Golf Clubs for Kids

Golf is a spectacular sport that players of all ages can play. However, it can be difficult selecting which golf clubs to purchase for your child or grandchild.

There are a lot of different factors to consider and options to pick from. This article will break down these choices and help you make a decision!

Measuring Height

First, junior clubs are sold usually based on height. On the surface, this is a reasonably simple process. Get a measuring tape and measure the height of the child you’re purchasing for. However, junior clubs are sold within a range of height.

We recommend purchasing a club one step higher than the child’s current height if you expect them to continue growing quickly. While the club will be too long for them at first, the lifespan of the club will be greatly increased. Some clubs like the Ping Prodi G sets, allow for a one-time resizing. In this case, you can purchase for the exact height of the child, as you can correct it later on once they grow.  

Type of Clubs to Buy

Usually, it does not make sense to purchase a full set of clubs for a new golfer. Especially, when you are not sure how often they will be playing golf. The question then is which clubs should you buy first? The first club should always be a putter.

Putting is the simplest golf stroke. It can be done by children still perfecting their motor skills. It also is an excellent opportunity to teach the importance of respecting the putting green and how to be polite to other golfers.

The second most important club to purchase is a wedge. It is important to prioritize short game practice. Starting with smaller swings and focusing on accuracy over distance is paramount. Eventually, you can extend out to irons, hybrids, and drivers. Giving a brand new golfer a driver to learn to play golf is bad practice. Overall, start small and work to the larger clubs.

Top Brands

The classic recommendation is the U.S. Kids Golf Ultralight catalog. These clubs are well built, durable, relatively inexpensive, and come in many different sizes. U.S. Kids Golf sells clubs both in sets and individually. The sets can be an excellent way to save money and get a golf bag as well. 

Ping has entered the market vigorously in recent years with the Prodi G lineup. While more expensive than the U.S. Kids sets, the Prodi G is of higher quality. It is built with the same level of engineering and materials as full-sized Ping clubs. This set also includes a resizing service. Purchasing a set includes one complimentary resizing at the Ping factory. This adjusts the weight of the shaft to correct the weighting of the entire club. 

Other options include Tour Edge, Callaway, and others. It is helpful to visit a location where you can see the clubs in person. This allows you and even the child who they are for to handle, and decide which option is best. Beginner golfers need as much performance improvement and forgiveness in design. Therefore, buying the cheapest option may hinder the ability for someone to fall in love with the game. 


Overall, while purchasing junior golf clubs can seem daunting at first, it can be broken down into simpler tasks. Small mistakes or bad purchases can be setbacks for young new golfers. However, the most important thing is to inspire a love for the game. Having fun and creating memories is more important than what club the next generation of golfers learns with. 


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