How Come Golf is Popular with Older Adults?

Golf is loved by people of all ages. It is something many golfers take for granted. Golf is truly a game that you can play your entire life.

On the surface, the reason seems clear.

Baseball, football, and soccer are simply too physical to be played later in life.

Yet, why aren’t bowling, squash, or other low-intensity sports as popular?

The answer comes down to golf’s four main advantages as a sport.

Social Interaction

Golf is a social sport. The usage of a handicap system enables you to play against anyone in the world on a somewhat level playing field.

This is a component that we as golfers probably don’t appreciate enough. Golf is easy to pick up, but hard to master, so the handicap system makes golf immensely more forgiving for beginners.

Likewise, most golfers don’t play alone. Golfing in a foursome with your buddies is a great way to spend your weekend.

There’s much more walking, driving, etc than actually swinging in golf. These lulls are great times to have conservations.

Sports like football and soccer don’t really have time for unrelated conversations. For better or worse those sports are too involved. 

Personal Challenge

Golf is a game, where you’re ultimately playing yourself. Whether you’re in a tournament or killing time on a weekend, your greatest opponent will always be yourself.

In this way, golf is similar to most track and field sports. A new personal record is the main goal.

You are always trying for that lowest score or that best shot.

Even as you get older, you can still improve your game with smart decisions and more calculated approaches.

Athletic ability is not the sole decider of your golfing ability. Few sports contain both a social aspect, but also a strong personal challenge.  

Physical Exercise

At the end of the day, golf is still a sport.

A golf swing is a physical motion.

Playing golf can keep your body strong and in shape. Likewise, the walking involved is excellent for physical health as well.

Golfing burns around 170-260 calories per hour. It does all of this without feeling as strenuous as many other sports.

The lack of contact is the real advantage. It lets golfers continue to play the sport even after muscles and joints start to deteriorate.

Golf also allows people with physical disabilities to play as well.

The swing is accommodating and can be done one-handed, or even without the use of your feet.

Golf is an exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise.

Mental Health

Finally, golf is great for your mental health.

It is a combination of all the previous benefits; Social interaction, mental stimulation, and physical exercise that work together to improve your mental health.

Often just getting up, getting outdoors, and doing something can help keep the rest of your life in perspective.

The lessons and values of golf can also be used in other aspects of your life whether it’s patience, confidence, or focus. 

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