Hot New Irons from Cobra Golf by Frank LaRosa, ESPN 1320 Golf to Go

We golfers are a demanding lot. We’re always looking for more. We want more distance, more accuracy, more playability….and don’t think of overlooking our biggest more…more forgiveness!

Well, Cobra Golf has given us more in their new S2 irons; more than I could have imagined—in a high performance package that’s pleasing to the eye. And that’s not easily accomplished in a world of cavity design golf clubs.

It’s difficult to imagine how Cobra Golf is able deliver on our wants for more and also our desires for a club that looks good behind the ball. When you look down at address and you don’t get a positive feeling, you can be sure the next shot is going short and right. The Cobra S2 top-line design says, “Swing as hard as you want!”

The S2 offers all the technology club geeks will want including optimized heel-toe weighting with lightweight polymer materials and increased MOI along with a unique Mid-width Stepped Sole. The bottom line is that these clubs work—on the course, under everyday playing conditions.

Cobra’s lead design engineer, Ryan Roach, offers his observations and answers golfers’ questions in a unique forum on Facebook. He says the approximate 5 yards extra distance is real and due to several design elements.

I’ve always been impressed with Cobra Golf as a company that understands their market. We enjoy the game. We love to score low. And we want the latest technology in a clean, affordable design. They listen. And they deliver.

As one of the comments on Facebook goes, “I want these irons.”

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