Help Your Golfer Hit Flop Shots Like A Tour Pro With Feel Golf’s 73° Wedge

Satin-finished wedge provides high, soft-landing shots using full ‘Driver’ swing

SANFORD, Fla. – Feel Golf Co., Inc., (OTCQB FEEL), one of the pioneers of high-lofted wedges, has the perfect gift for golfers this holiday season — the 73-degree wedge. Help your favorite golfer lower their scores and stick it like the pros. The 73-degree wedge helps eliminate the guesswork of open stances, open faces and half swings making every golfer’s short game more accurate and fun.

“The 73-degree wedge allows players to hit a very high, soft-landing shot with ease from 50 yards in simply by ball placement,” said Feel Golf CEO and PGA Professional Lee Miller. “Just like the 64-degree wedge, our 73-degree wedge allows the golfer to take their full swing, which is a golfer’s most repeatable swing, and simply aim it right at the pin.”

One of the hardest shots to hit in golf is a shot out of the rough or bunker while being short sided near a tight pin. The patented design of Feel wedges allows the club to glide through the rough similar to the bow on a speedboat parting the water for less resistance.

According to Miller, a common problem for recreational players is that they lack the touch and confidence to fully commit to the shot. Because of that, they decelerate producing inconsistent results that lead to extra strokes around the greens.

“With good rhythm, players can take a full swing with the 73-degree wedge,” said Miller. The wedge glides through the ball landing very softly from a tight lie or a bunker making it easier to score just like the Pros.”

73° Features and Benefits

  • Stop the “in between” club syndrome
  • Hit it high and “stick it” like the pros
  • Designed to use full swing on every shot
  • Frequency matched; dynamically balanced
  • Makes bunker play a snap & tough lies easy
  • Longer hosel provides more stability at impact
  • Pro Release grip improves your short game
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