Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop Has New Daiwa Golf ONOFF Golf Club Line For Trial

Long-time Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop customers know that back in the mid 1980’s, Daiwa Golf was one of golf’s best-selling brands and one of the major proponents of early graphite shafts within the golf industry. They lost their U.S. distributorship earlier this decade but have just been reintroduced under the ONOFF brand name to the North American marketplace. Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop now has a full selection of drivers, fairways, hybrids and irons for trial and fitting.

The premium ONOFF Plus Red and Black drivers deliver high-performance with a stylish 460cc volume head and incorporate a ‘Hyper Effect Zone Design’ — an all-new concept by Daiwa which includes a specially engineered face insert that increases maximum initial velocity of the club face for greater distance.

“ONOFF drivers and irons have been extremely popular in Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia, and we’re very excited to offer these new drivers to discriminating golfers in the United States,” says Mike Matheny, general manager of sales for Daiwa Golf Company (USA). “The ONOFF Red and Black drivers are introducing some revolutionary technology and sophistication to the high-end golf market. This is really some of the most exciting equipment to ever come out of the Asian market.”

While both ONOFF Red and Black models feature a 460cc conforming titanium head design and sleek styling, the ONOFF Plus Red produces a higher trajectory and slight draw which is perfect for golfers with a wide range of skill levels. ONOFF Plus Red features an ultra-thin crown and is designed as a low spin, low center of gravity driver with increased hitting area. The ONOFF Plus Black driver is more suited for athletic and low-handicap golfers and features a square face for players who prefer to work the ball more.

Both the Red and Black models are assembled with Daiwa’s original Smooth Kick graphite shaft, a revolutionary carbon technique which features a four-layer, multi-ply design that produces an explosive release and minimal energy loss at impact. Flex options are R- and S-flex for both drivers.

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