Haggin Oaks Golf Expo: Enter to Win a FREE ProForce V2 Hybrid Shaft

UST Mamiya is bringing their Tour Van to the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo and they want you to come by to see them! Each day of the show, UST Mamiya will be giving away a FREE ProForce V2 Hybrid Shaft to one lucky golfer who stops by their van (a $30 value!) This UST Mamiya Premium Shaft was used by the winner of the Mayakoba Golf Classic. Click HERE for details.

What does the UST Mamiya Tour Van Have to Offer You?

UST Mamiya will do a full clubfitting analysis to make sure that you’re using the correct shaft weight, kickpoint, torque, length and type.

They’ll check to make sure that you are using the right shaft flex- that will translate a player’s ability, force, swing speed, and swing tempo into extra club head speed and ensure the ball will travel in the right direction.  The shaft bends and twists throughout the swing, especially at the transition from backswing to downswing, “loading” it to provide an extra “kick” at impact.  A golfer with a fast swing speed will have less time to load the shaft and therefore will need a stiffer shaft to ensure a proper transfer of energy from the club through the ball.

Swing tempo also plays a part in determining a player’s ideal shaft flex.  Swing tempo is different than swing speed in that tempo is the style of swing as opposed to the actual speed of the club head as it approaches the ball.  Swing tempos are characterized from quick to smooth.

The clubfitting specialists at UST Mamiya will also use shaft selection to maximize your ball trajectory while trying out different shafts.  A low trajectory will mean that you need a softer flex, more club torque, lower flex point, or a lighter shaft weight.  A high trajectory would call for a stiffer shaft, decreased club torque, higher flex point, or a heavier weighted shaft.

Call 916-808-2531 to schedule your appointment for the UST Mamiya tour van and for your chance to win a FREE ProForce V2 Hybrid Shaft.  Walk-ups are also welcome to enter each day’s giveaway.

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