Guest Blogger: Andy Paisal Talks About SoftSpikes

Haggin Oaks is going to start running a handful of columns and Q&A’s with several of our manufacturer representatives over the course of 2011. This week’s column is from our Global Golf sales rep, Andy Paisal. Global is the distributor for one of our best-selling items, the SoftSpike replacement cleats.

How exactly does a softspike work?

The spike must be able to flex to be able to grab the turf. Softspike brand has the patent on a flexible spike. Any other spike simply sets on top of the grass, similar to a tennis shoe, A flexible or Dynamic spike is constantly moving and grabbing the turf during your golf swing.

The Pulsar spike will work well for most golfers, it has a 5 millimeter spike, eight contacts with the ground and doesn’t take a lot of effort to flex. For a stronger or more aggressive swinger, try the new Tour Flex, it has an 8 millimeter spike and is a firmer as well as a stronger spike. Not all soft spikes are created equal. Read more at

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