Golf & Guitars – The VIP Party

Our 4th Annual Golf & Guitars has come to a close and this year proved to be our most challenging ever when an unexpected winter storm blew into town. There was some last minute scrambling to move the event indoors and our golfers didn’t let a little rain keep them from playing golf or from enjoying the Pairings Party held on Monday, May 16th. Overall, the event was a huge success and most importantly, it raised thousands of dollars for charity!

New for 2011 was the VIP Pairings Party held in the Pavilion at Haggin Oaks for our tournament players and VIP ticket holders. The clouds unleashed their fury, but the artists and guests stayed dry. Blanca, the head chef at MacKenzie’s Sports Bar & Grille, served up an amazing buffet dinner, and I know I went back for seconds at the dessert tray! As the night continued, performances by Bryan White, Ira Dean, Larry Stewart, The Dirt Drifters and Love and Theft entertained the crowd. John Berry, Jimmy Wayne and Julie Roberts hung out with the crowd. The Dirt Drifters and Love and Theft also took time to sign autographs and take pictures with the VIP guests. At the end of the night, Jimmy Wayne hopped up on stage and performed a few songs to close out the show.


  1. Dan Dilbeck says: | Reply

    Never been there before, and not likely to return. We attended this charity event, and Kudos for HO for putting it on and trying to make it work even during the storm.

    Too bad it was poorly staffed, making for an upleasant experience. Parking lot directors directed visitors to park in the mud, and when questioned about getting stuck, promised people they’d help tow them out (we didnt get stuck, but others did and no they didn’t help).
    Next was the entry into the makeshift tents (due to the rain) where we were told by the doorman that ‘yellow’ entry bands had to use the 2nd tent, only to watch the hypocrite let the two big-busted girls behind us right in… and yes they had yellow entry bands.
    Next came the restaurant, where we stuck to a simple order of hot dogs so we could get it quick and not miss the show. During the wait we saw several people leave because it took too long, servers came out with at least five orders that they couldn’t find a home for or that were never ordered, and after missing 45 minutes of the show, I finally found out they had lost my order (the doggers were good once we got them though).

    The music was good, and we sat in the pouring rain for as long as we could stand it as the tents weren’t large enough to hold everyone. I can’t say anything else positive about the experience except I’m glad the money went to charity, but next time I think I’ll just send a check and avoid dealing with the poor staffing.

  2. Anonymous says: | Reply

    We have gone every year and love it. I purchased the VIP tickets to help the charity out more and to make the night special for a friend.

    I thought things went very well, considering the changes they had to make due to the rain.

    My only complaint is the parking situation on Tuesday nite. The attendants were smart alecs (I’m too polite to use the real word)and rude. Those paying the VIP pricing should have been able to park in the regular parking lot. There were plenty of spaces (it was half empty when I got there) and could have accomodated all of the VIP’s as there were plenty of spaces on Monday nite at the pairings party.
    It was especially difficult to get the many auction items my friend purchased out to the car.
    I would do the VIP again, but only if the parking situation is reconsidered for VIP’s.

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