Golf & Guitars – The Tournament

Who would have guessed we would have rain during our 4th Annual Golf & Guitars? The morning drizzled but our golfers came prepared with both rain gear and great attitudes. I hung out on the 17th tee with my two oldest boys and the kind folks from The Melting Pot (the most amazing fondue restaurant on earth!) My kids and I had “official duties” – we were in charge of the “Straightest Drive” contest, hosted by Adams Golf. The golfer in each foursome with the straightest drive on this hole had their choice of a free gap, sand or lob wedge.

We commandeered the main concert stage since the inclement weather had the staff at Haggin Oaks scrambling to move the concert scheduled later that night into an indoor event.  Therefore, the stage turned into a fun area for tournament players and celebrities to hang and dry out a bit.  Here are a few highlights that I overheard from the 17th tee…

Jack Ingram– After hitting a monstrous 300 yard drive on the 15th hole, Jack Ingram holed out an 8 iron for eagle. Wow! I guess Jack’s impromptu lesson with Head Golf Professional, Mike Woods, for KCRA Channel 3 earlier that morning went to good use.

Chuck Wicks- Chuck came through the 17th tee and was gracious as ever. This is Chuck’s third year participating in Golf and Guitars and my oldest was wearing the Flair Hair visor that Chuck bought him last year. Chuck remembered the hats (he even brought them up) which made the day for my boys!

Jason Michael Carroll – It never ceases to amaze me how generous our country music celebrities are with their time and kindness when they come to Golf and Guitars each year. My son Taylor’s favorite performer is Jason Michael Carroll. He absolutely loves Jason’s hit, “I Can Sleep When I’m Dead”.  Taylor almost missed Jason when he came through the 17th hole this year. My son had run into the restaurant for a moment to try to capture Meghan Linsey’s signature from Steel Magnolia and I wasn’t sure if he was going to make it back in time for Jason. However, Jason waited for Taylor to come back before taking off with his group to continue the round for a picture and autograph. How awesome was that? 

The Dirt Drifters- Jeff Middleton with The Dirt Drifters had an exciting time on the 16th hole when he chipped in off the fringe of the green to save par for his team. Their caddy was so excited that he accidentally slipped down the hill after retrieving the golf ball out of the hole which also caused his team to erupt in cheers… again!

Deana Carter- Deana’s team headed off to the bar for a quick drink before hitting their tee shots on the 17th hole. Deana stayed focused and didn’t join for the drink – she had a show to get ready for later that night! I’m not sure if it was visiting the 19th hole a bit early or not, but whatever Deana’s team did proved to do the trick, because her team won the entire tournament.

Clay Walker– Clay was on his “A” game when he got to the 17th tee. He came within inches of the yellow line we were using for the Straightest Drive contest and was easily declared the winner for the Straightest Drive in his foursome!

Click HERE to check out more pictures from the golf tournament and concert.

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