Fun Facts About Aerification with Jane Siebers

Today we are talking about aerification.

Morton Golf Foundation Executive Director, Jane SIebers has compiled some of our most asked questions around aerification and has the answers!

Inquiring minds want to know . . .

• How often does Haggin Oaks aerify their 2 golf courses and why?
The grounds crew at Haggin Oaks aerifies the courses twice a year The aerification process removes thatch from the green and allows more water & nutrients to get deeper into the soil.

• Is there more than one kind of aerification?
Yes. Haggin Oaks only uses the above style but other golf courses could use the style of just punching plugs into the grass as this heels in shorter time.

• How soon after they aerify can the golfers go back to playing on the course?
Immediately. The Greens Crew does roll the greens right after they aerify. The grass is just a bit bumpy for the next few days.

Thanks, Jane for the facts around the aerification process!

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