Full-Face vs. Regular Wedges – What’s the Difference?

Does extending the grooves across the face really make a big difference?

Something new in the golf world in the last few years are full-face wedges. One common question we hear is how a full-face wedge is different than a regular wedge.


Normal wedges have grooves only in the center of the face. This frames the golf ball in the center of the club and allows you to play anywhere on the face. However, if you open up your wedge or use it like a chipper, you may hit the ball outside the grooves and lose some of the control that they provide.

Full-face wedges were a bit of an “ah-ha” moment for the golf industry: if you have all this space, why not use it? Full-face wedges have grooves that extend across the full face of the head, from the toe to the hosel. If you hit your ball with the toe of the club, you now get the advantage of the grooves you would have missed out on previously. This gives you more control and improves your game when you need to make some of those less-conventional swings.

Currently, a number of brands like Cobra, Cleveland, and TaylorMade offer their own full-face wedges. We expect to see more brands making their own full-face wedges in the coming years. If you are curious about how full-face wedges might improve your game, you can always stop by the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop from 9am-6pm and test out these clubs for yourself!

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