FREE Golf Video Lesson Tip from Tom Morton – Ball Succession Drill

Tom Morton, PGA Director of Player Performance at Haggin Oaks, talks about making your golf swing as natural as possible.

Have you ever stepped over a golf ball and found your mind focusing on stuff OTHER than hitting the ball? Maybe you are thinking about all the stuff you are working on in your golf swing… or the water hazard you need to get over.. or the tough lie facing you.  We’ve all been there and what are the usual results? A poorly hit shot.

Tom brings you some timely advice and a quick drill that will let you get over the golf ball and swing the club without letting your mind take control. Don’t think – just swing! You’ll hit the ball a lot better on the golf course.

Tom Morton writes his own blog – The Official Blog of Tom Morton – where he shares free video lesson tips and articles from some of the greatest golf instructors in the game. Click HERE to check out Tom’s blog. To schedule a lesson with Tom, call 916-808-2531.

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