Frank LaRosa Talks to Nike’s Darren McCray on Nike’s Golf Shoes

Frank LaRosa with Golf to Go on ESPN Radio 1320 takes a look at Nike Golf’s collection of Zoom Advance Golf Shoes for Men and Nike Golf’s Air Embellish Shoes for Women.

According to Darren, the Nike Zoom Advance Men’s Golf Shoe is geared to the elite level player and features a carbon fiber midsole and one of the softest leathers you’ll ever find on a golf shoe. Darren explains that this shoe “is all about support.” The Power Platform at the outsole “allows for a little bit of flexibility throughout the golf swing” and ultimately keeps the inside part of the foot on the ground longer, giving the golfer a smooth weight transfer and more power when you swing the club. Click HERE to shop online at

The Women’s Air Embellish Shoe also features Nike’s Power Platform to increase flexibility and better stability. This all-black or all-white shoe comes with interchangeable saddle straps to give you five different golf shoes in one! Click HERE to shop online at

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