Five Sacramento Area High School Seniors Eligible For 2012 PowerBilt HB Scholarships Through Morton Golf Foundation

In an effort to recognize children that have gone through any Northern California Golf Association, First Tee Of Golf Sacramento (or SAY Golf program) or high school golf program or worked at a golf facility and assist them with their higher education needs, the Morton Golf Foundation and PowerBilt’s HB Scholarship Foundation will provide five (5) $2000 college scholarships in 2012 to be given to high school seniors in Sacramento regional schools.

The eligibility requirements are as follows:

1. Must have completed the junior year of high school and rank in the upper part of his/her class scholastically. Applicants must have a 3.0 or better GPA.
2. Must enroll at a college or university of his/her choice. Community colleges are eligible.
3. Must have outstanding personal character, sportsmanship, and leadership qualities.
4. Must have been a participant in a NCGA, TFTGS (SAY Golf) or high school golf program for at least one event, program or membership year or worked at a golf facility.
5. High school must be within a 50 mile drive of the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex.

Rules for Application

1. Complete application and questionnaire, and attach a recent photo to the application.
2. Application must be accompanied with a letter from the principal, golf coach, or counselor.
3. A transcript of applicant’s grades must be included.

Deadline for returning the scholarship application is April 1 for the current calendar year.

The Application

1. Applicants will submit a list of key personal information (including full name, address, phone number & email), any golf accomplishments, year(s) involved in the required junior golf activities identified above, three letters of recommendation and answers to the following essay questions:

Can you think of a single experience in golf that has had the most impact on your growth as an individual?
What college do you plan on attending? Why did you choose this college?
What core values have you taken from the game of golf and how do you think that this will have an effect on you as you travel through college and then on to your career?

Morton Golf Foundation was very happy to receive 29 applicants for last year’s 2011 PowerBilt HB Scholarship. Seven student-athlete winners were selected including Michael Signorotti (Cal Berkeley), Bailey Furgeson (St. Mary’s University), Nathan Hodgens (UC Davis), Will Scarlett (UC Davis), Maggie Andrada (Cal Poly), Sarah Handy (Gonzaga) and Melyssa Astorga, (University of the Pacific).

Return completed applications to:

Haggin Oaks Golf Complex
Attn: Jane Siebers
3645 Fulton Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95821

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