Find the Right Golf Ball for Your Game – An Interview with Titleist Golf

Why do you play your current golf ball? Do you pick it because you like the packaging? Do you like it because your favorite PGA Tour player uses it? Was it the cheapest one that you could find on sale? These are all reasons for playing a golf ball, although I wouldn’t say they are the best reasons!

Join Frank LaRosa from Golf to Go on ESPN 1320 as he talks to David Bustamante about picking the right golf ball for your golf game.

Bustamante is an expert on golf balls. He is the West Coast Ball Fitter for Titleist Golf, and he’ll admit that it is fine to look at the price point, color, and aesthetic design of your ball. Those are important. However, you should also add the layer of “performance” when finding the perfect golf ball. How do you find the best performance?

You play them side by side on the golf course. The goal is to achieve lower scores, right? According to Bustamante, “If you shoot better with a golf ball that matches you better, that’s your ball.”

Although the proper golf ball won’t work miracles, it can optimize what you are able to bring to the table- your swing mechanics, angles of attack, etc. These things will work different with different styles of golf balls.

Titleist is the #1 Golf Ball company in the world.

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the Titleist Pro V1 and the Titleist Pro-V1X? The simple answer: Spin. The Pro V1X will spin less and will be a longer shot off the tee.

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