Discover TaylorMade Spider EX and Hydro Blast S Line of Putters

TaylorMade Spider EX and Hydroblast Putter Now available at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop

Four Spider Putters join the web including the Spider EX, S Hydro Blast, SR and S Putters making it easier than ever to aim with the new and improved True Path Alignment.


Confidence you can feel. The all-new Spider EX  putter pairs a new PureRoll insert with a new 3-dot True Path alignment for easier aim, better feel, and enhanced stability.


The Spider X is now available in a new Hydro Blast finish, bringing you Tour-proven performance and a timeless design with an all-new look.


Its aim is true. Stability gets redefined in the all-new Spider SR, which draws inspiration from an archer’s pinpoint accuracy with a new arrow-shaped True Path alignment.


Focusing on stability and forgiveness, the newly engineered arrow-shaped True Path Alignment is optically designed to make it easier for golfers to aim. It provides a clear focal point that is the exact width of a golf ball, which helps with consistent address positions and face direction.

Head to the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop to get your new TaylorMade Spider Putter today. We have an indoor practice green where you can try each of the putters to see which one fits your game.

Not sure which putter is right for you? Why not take advantage of a SAM PUTT fitting at Haggin Oaks. The Science and Motion Putt Lab uses ultrasound to analyze your putting stroke. Discover which putter fits your stroke, call 916-808-2531 to schedule a fitting with one of our pros. 

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