Congratulations to the JGANC/NCGA NOR-CAL CHAMPIONSHIP:12-18 Winners: Aston Lim, Annabel Yen, Johnathan Chen, Mario Stumo, Cami Yen, Karson Kindelt, Sarah Yeh, Chanel Hong

The JGANC/NCGA NOR-CAL CHAMPIONSHIP:12-18 took place from July 14th -15th. The tournament took place at Del Monte Golf Course in Monterey, CA. The Junior Golf Association of Northern California, a non-profit organization that has been creating champions since 1970, hosted the tournament.

Congratulations to the winners in each age category: Boys 12-13: Aston Lim (1st Place), Andrew Oh (2nd Place), David Wu (T3rd Place), Girls 12-13: Annabel Yen (1st Place), AnaRose Flenniken (2nd Place), Allison Kim (3rd Place), Boys 14-15: Johnathan Chen (T1st Place), Mario Stumo (T1st Place), Austin Wang(2nd Place), Girls 14-15: Cami Yen (1st Place), Netra Kumar (2nd Place), Hailey Kim (3rd Place), Boys 16-18: Karson Kindelt (1st Place), Clark Van Gaalen (T2nd Place), Jay Gould-Healy(T2nd Place), Girls 16-18: Sarah Yeh (T1st Place), Chanel Hong (T1st Place), Sohini Pillay (3rd Place)

Boys 12-13

Girls 12-13

Boys 14-15

Girls 14-15

Boys 16-18

Girls 16-18

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