Bridgestone Ball Fitting Coming to Haggin Oaks!

From August 23rd – 25th & 27th OTTO, the new Bridgestone Ball Fitting system will be available at the Haggin Oaks Driving Range!

Meet Otto the first autonomous golf ball fitting cart designed by Bridgestone Golf. Watch the video to see how it works.

Bridgestone Golf has been heavily involved in ball fitting since 2007, accumulating data from more than 3 million fittings that has helped it formulate recommendations over time. Those fittings have come in various ways, whether in person with a technician looking on, via the company’s app, or even with online fitting. Now Bridgestone is entering a new ball-fitting phase with the first autonomous golf-ball-fitting cart, a device it refers to as OTTO. –


  • OTTO is Bridgestone’s new ball-fitter on wheels.
  • OTTO leverages 15 years of Bridgestone ball-fitting data and a proprietary algorithm.
  • Walk-up use at a driving range or indoor facility.

Free to use
Say hello to OTTO, Bridgestone’s autonomous ball-fitting machine. He’s new, he’s unique, he needs no operator and is completely self-contained. Think of it as the R2D2 of ball fitting.

And may The Force be with you.

If nothing else, OTTO is unique. It’s a self-contained, operator-less machine that will watch you hit three driver shots. And then, according to Bridgestone, it’ll automatically process your swing data and fit you into a golf ball quickly, easily and with no human interaction whatsoever.

The tech that makes OTTO possible presents an interesting story and is the result of 15 years’ worth of Bridgestone ball-fitting data. Just how accurate it is, however, remains an open question. Let’s get down to some answers.”

To schedule your OTTO experience Contact 916.808.2531.

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