Brand New Abacus Clothing Line Making Waves At The Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop

We are always adding new product lines, but have you heard about Abacus? It’s doing fabulous in the shop!

Here is Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop Director of Retail Ken Morton, Jr.’s take: “Abacus has carved out a terrific niche as a lifestyle brand. The knit product has casual American sensibilities while never leaving its European roots. Their outwear is fantastic in its performance and has design features unique to the brand and product.”

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The Abacus collection is sporty and modern and inspired by earthy hues, the painter Monet’s romantic water lilies, the richness of the sea and the clear energy in nature’s strong colours. Lively and bold colour choices are combines with a feeling of being by the beach and all things nautical. With innovative functionality and design Abacus’ stylistically pure and Scandinavian accent is consistent, and has as always its heart close to golf.

The design team has in this collection made use of many new materials, like coffee, bamboo charcoal, cotton polyester blend, merino wool Coolmax blend. These complete an already strong assortment of functional material and fabrics which contribute to an innovative feeling in both the individual garments and the collection as a whole.

In the collection there are new elements like chinos, denim, thin knitted garments, silk and wool, many with details on both the inside and outside of the garments: print, stitching or edging in different patterns. Abacus as a word and the new “a” symbol appear more frequently on different garments.

On the function side Pitch Europe, the prize winning rain jacket is complemented with two bamboo charcoal lined models; the wind anorak Grange stretch as well as Concord 3-layer rainwear: the biggest news in men’s rain garments.

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