Golfer/Comedian Hits a Golf Ball in Each State in 30 Days

Some golfers dream of playing golf in every country in the world. Some dream of just playing golf in every state in the US. It’s something that not many of us will attempt, and certainly wouldn’t try to do it all in 1 month. But that’s exactly what comedian Jake Adams did.

Armed with his clubs, biodegradable golf balls, and his trusty Subaru, Jake traveled across the country to hit a golf ball in every state in April. It certainly wasn’t easy and he resisted taking any shortcuts like hitting at the Four Corners monument in New Mexico. If you’re going to take on this hard of a challenge, you might as well do it right.

Starting in California and ending in Hawaii, Jake posted a video in each state to his Instagram to show his progress. From swinging on a snowboard in Colorado to hitting off a theater marquee in Wisconsin, you never really knew what he was going to do next. Some of the highlights for Jake were playing the Royal Hawaiian Golf Course in Honolulu, the Payne’s Valley Golf Course in Missouri, and seeing beautiful parts of the country that he may have never seen otherwise.

So what’s next for Jake? He’s thinking about taking this challenge abroad to Europe. Once you’ve done 50 states, 50 countries doesn’t seem that much harder. Until that happens, you can follow Jake on Instagram for more golf-related comedy by following @jakemadams3.

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