Please meet E.K. Wade, the Best Dressed Golfer that comes weekly to Haggin Oaks Golf Complex to enjoy golf, the surroundings, and friendship.

E.K. Wade has been playing golf for the past 20 years. He has had some lessons and also is self-taught with lessons online.

E.K. has chosen Haggin Oaks Golf Complex as his Home Course for the past 5 ½ years because he enjoys the different challenges of both the MacKenzie and Arcade Creek Golf Courses.

He comes back each week because of the great staff, Pro Shop, Club Repair, and Driving Range. He is quoted as saying “Haggin Oaks is like no other golf course in the Greater Sacramento area. This place is TOP SHELF!”

Each week when E.K. comes to Haggin Oaks he feels it’s his sanctuary. When he is playing golf, everything is right with the world. Golf to E.K. is his escape from the harsh realities of life.

Everyone at Haggin Oaks enjoys seeing E.K. come each week to see how he is dressed.

By using his creativity, he can be seen in golf caps, bow ties, and 4’s.

When talking about the Best Dressed Golfer at Haggin Oaks, everyone knows we are talking about E.K. WADE!

E.K. keeps smiling and see you on the 1st Tee.

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