7 Golf Bag Trends You Might Have Missed

In the past couple of decades, advances in technology, materials, and design have heavily impacted the game of golf. These changes are readily apparent in every golf club and golf ball on shelves these days.

However, golf bags have not been omitted from these tech advances. Today we will cover 7 trends in the golf bag industry that you might have missed!

#1 Ultralight

The first and arguably most crucial advances in golf bags is the new ultralight segment. It appears the industry finally realized that golfers don’t like sore shoulders and hurting backs at the end of every round. Nearly every major golf bag brand has “Ultralight” and “Lightweight” options around 2 ½ pounds. These benefits are also not coming at the cost of usability or reliability. These weight savings can be attributed to material advancements. Standing legs are being produced out of similar carbon fiber shaft that your favorite clubs are. We suggest taking a look at the Callaway Hyper Lite and Sun Mountain 2.5+ Bags if this is a feature you’re interested in. You would be surprised what a couple of pounds difference can make!

#2 Cooler Pockets

Nothing goes with golf quite like an ice-cold beverage. However, by the time you make it to the back nine, your beverage probably isn’t as cold as it could be. Luckily, golf manufacturers, have you covered. Many bags include insulated pockets. Notably, the BagBoy Chiller includes a pocket with a removable insulated cooler bag that holds six 12-ounce cans. That is enough non-alcoholic beverages for even the hottest days or enough alcohol for even the worst days. In all seriousness, this enables golfers to carry cold drinks, lunch, and snacks without worrying about heating up. This feature definitely can improve your weekend golfing experience!

#3 Padded Straps

I know what you’re thinking. Haven’t golf bags have had padded straps forever? Not like this, they haven’t. Advances in foam and ergonomics have greatly enhanced the straps on almost all bags. The foam and strap design prevent straps from cutting into your shoulders after a long day. The use of computer-aided design enables companies to construct bags with perfect balance straps. Additionally, companies like Ping are pushing the envelope farther with the Hoofer 14. The bag features SensorCool technology which wicks moisture away. This prevents the classic sweaty back that nearly every golfer gets after a long day. 

#4 Waterproof


In the past in order to have a truly waterproof bag, you needed to use a heavy leather bag. Nowadays, materials like Gore-Tex and variations of Nylon fabric allow for the waterproof fabric to be lightweight as well. In the case of Gore-Tex, it even allows air to pass through. The days of lugging waterlogged bags around are gone. If you live somewhere where you find yourself playing in the rain, then this upgrade is a must. Most brands are offering rain hoods for their bags, which is a major help as well. We recommend taking a look at the Sun Mountain H2NO bag, which is fully waterproof and weighs less than 5 pounds. However, many brands are making comparable options. 

# 5 Designated Pockets

This is one of those creature comforts that doesn’t make sense until you try it. Nowadays, almost every golfer carries rangefinders and other golfing accessories. In the past, these had to be shoved into the generic pockets that came on every golf bag. Today, bags like the PING Pioneer feature magnetic rangefinder pockets that completely eliminated this minor hassle. This bag even features a magnetic ball pocket to make grabbing a ball even easier. If that wasn’t enough, it also includes a velour-lined valuable pouch to keep any valuables secured out on the course. It might sound ridiculous at first but saving time digging through your golf bag, saves more time to golf!

#6 Hinge Base

We’ve all set our bag down before, only to have it fall over and possibly scratch our brand new clubs. There are few things more embarrassing around your golfing buddies (except possibly my golf swing). Companies today tackle this problem in two ways. First, those flimsy golf leg mechanisms of the past are gone. Companies are using carbon fiber and high-quality metal components to ensure durability, lightness, and performance. Additionally, some brands such as TaylorMade with their new FlexTech Lite Stand Bag have created hinged bases. These bases allow for much more surface contact with the bottom of the golf bag when the legs are out. This results in way fewer bags falling over (and if I’m honest just looks really aesthetically pleasing). It is certainly an upgrade to consider if you often find yourself with a tipped bag.

# 7 Ripstop Fabric

Last on our list is ripstop fabric. This is certainly a case of last but not least. I know personally, the death of most of my golf bags is from a blown seam or a tear in the fabric. Most bags take much of their structural integrity from the outer fabric, so eventually wear and tear is to be expected. Normal fabric eventually starts to tear and works itself apart. However, companies such as Sun Mountain are investing in special ripstop fabrics. These fabrics have hundreds or thousands of special stitches inside that prevent the fabric from continuing to tear even if you cut a hole in it. Alongside manufacturer’s warranties, this greatly increases the longevity of modern golf bags. It also makes the somewhat daunting price of many bags a lot more manageable. As an aside, the fabrics also have an unbelievably modern and sleek appearance. It truly is including space-age technology on your golf bag. If you’re interested, we suggest taking a look at the new Sun Mountain VX Stand Bags!

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