5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Golf Event

Golf is an excellent group activity. Depending on the size of the group, golf can either be a small group of friends or a multi-day tournament.

Golf events can celebrate birthdays, raise money for charities, or simply be a work bonding activity. However, if you find yourself planning a golf event, you probably want to make it unique and special. We have assembled this shortlist of five ways to make your event more funny and memorable. 

  1. Design Custom Scorecards

One of the easiest ways to make your golf event seem more unique and fun is by creating a custom scorecard. This process can sound daunting but it is really easy. We created this example in under 10 minutes using Canva.com, which does not cost money to use. 

Once you have your creation, you can print it out. Most home printers can print in cardstock or bring it to any printing place to have high-quality versions created. Overall, this is an inexpensive and quick way to make your golf event more special

  1. Have a Tournament Prize

If you’re looking to up the stakes of your event, creating a prize can achieve just that. It’s also fun to win more than just bragging rights. This prize can be something simple like a gift card. You can also order a custom trophy or award for your event. This adds a sense of structure and importance to your event as a whole. Many event coordinators pick random or small items as trophies. At the end of the day, it is more symbolic than anything else. It can be a professionally engraved chalice or a can of beans. 

  1. Gift Bags

Gift bags with swag and goodies are an excellent way to build excitement for a golf event. Like the trophy, it is less important what is inside them and more just that they exist. Honestly, a gift bag filled with tiny hand clappers can be more entertaining than one filled with expensive knick-knacks. The best gift bags in our experience have usable items in them. This can be a sleeve of balls, a divot tool, or even a water bottle. Try to make the items fun and engaging. After all, golf events are supposed to be fun!

  1. Custom Apparel 

If you are looking to make your event very memorable then look into creating some custom apparel. Golf polos and hats with your event name are an excellent keepsake. If you are looking to create some custom apparel then be sure to start the planning phase early. This is not an item you can get the day before. It also is important to keep in mind that the relative cost goes down the more you order. Hence, this item might make more sense for a large event as opposed to a small one.

  1. Food and Beverages

The last item on our list is certainly not the least important. Food and beverage can be what separates a good golf event from a great one. This one really depends on the type of event it is. If it is a bachelor’s party then perhaps having some beers and appetizers after the round makes sense.

For large tournaments, this usually centers around hydration during the event and possibly catering afterward. Few things bring people together as much as food does and this is an often overlooked portion of any golf event. If you are looking to take your event to the next level then definitely look into the food and beverages!

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