4th Annual “Capital Golf Challenge” 2023

The 4th Annual “Capital Golf Challenge” supports the MORTON GOLF FOUNDATION at William Land Golf Course .

4th Annual “Capital Golf Challenge” 2023 - pic 1

On March 31, 2023, the third time was a charm! The 4th Annual “Capital Golf Challenge” date had been rescheduled three different times due to weather this year, and we were so happy to have it completed for the year at William Land Golf Course.

The day started calmly, but as each hole was played, the competition and sun came out, and it was a beautiful day at William Land Golf Course.

Eight City Elected Officials were wearing light blue shirts playing a 2-person golf match between eight County Elected Officials wearing forest green shirts. The competition stayed high, and it was a fun morning with all politics aside and time to enjoy the game.

4th Annual “Capital Golf Challenge” 2023- pic 2

This year’s winning team was the CITY Team, who took the perpetual trophy away from the COUNTY Team that won last year.

City Team (Light Blue Shirts)

Mayor Darrell Steinberg (TEAM CAPTAIN)
Allen Warren
Rob Fong
Katie Valenzuela
Jay Schenirer
Rick Jennings
Lisa Kaplan
Eric Guerra

County Team (Forest Green Shirts)

Supervisor Patrick Kennedy (TEAM CAPTAIN)
Rich Desmond
Pat Hume
Darren Suen
Brian Cooley
Rick Launey
Stephanie Nguyen
Mike Kozlowski

4th Annual “Capital Golf Challenge” 2023 - pic 3

The dollars raised for the past four years will go toward the Life and Golf Skills Academy at Hiram Johnson High School. This Stadium Concept project will benefit all Hiram Johnson High School neighborhood students. The Hiram Johnson community can participate in after-school programs throughout the summer months.

The construction has started at Hiram Johnson High School and will be completed this year.
We look forward to touring this Stadium Concept project and seeing the results of helping children who wouldn’t have the opportunity to ever go to a golf course.

As we continue the “Capital Cup Challenge” each year, the donated funds will help maintain and staff the facility.

Thanks to everyone for keeping the momentum going.

See you at Hiram Johnson High School soon!

The Morton Golf Foundation strives to enrich the lives of the less fortunate through the great game of golf. If you are interested in future Morton Golf Foundation events subscribe to Golf In The City Of Sacramento.

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