3 Tips To Gain Distance and Improve Your Golf Game

Tom Morton, PGA Director of Player Performance at Haggin Oaks, was recently in the KCRA Channel 3 Studios to give some tips on how to improve your golf game.

Everyone wants to hit the long ball. Here are 3 tips to gain distance on your next drive. Click HERE to watch the video.

  1. Fitness and flexibility – Work on improving your overall fitness level and flexibility. 
  2. Utilizing the Right Equipment – Are your clubs the right length? Are they the right loft? We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… have your clubs properly FIT for YOU! You are looking for a golf club that will let you “square it up” the most often. When you can hit the ball square, then you’ll have more consistent shots and a better round of golf. 
  3. The Right Speed at the Right Time – Maximize your speed “at impact” when you hit the golf ball.
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