2 Tips to Add More Distance to Your Drive!

Mike Woods from Haggin Oaks drops into the KCRA Channel 3 studio in Sacramento to talk about easy ways to add distance to your golf game.

Click HERE to watch the KCRA video on YouTube for tips on how to improve your game and add 5 – 15 yards to your drives the next time you hit the links!

Tip 1:  Face Tape-  Use face tape to find out where you are impacting the ball on the face of your driver.  You should be hitting the ball in the middle of the club, not on the left or right hand side. 

Tip 2:  Tee Height- Driver heads today are so big, that you want to tee your ball up as high as possible.  In the past, many recommended that you tee about half the ball over the top of your face.  Today, many professionals are teeing the entire ball over the top of the club.  Why?  When hitting the ball, you want your club meeting the ball at a slightly upward angle.  Many amateur golfers hit the ball with a downward angle which imparts backspin and causes you to lose distance with your driver.  When you hit the ball with an upswing, it will take some of the backspin off the ball and allow your ball to carry a little further without increasing  how fast you need to hit the ball (or your swing speed) at all. You can actually add distance to your driver by following this tip without swinging the club any faster.

These are just two of the key factors in a properly fit golf club.  To optimize your driver, visit your favorite golf professional at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex and let the TrackMan launch monitor help us fine tune your equipment to fit your swing. Call us at 916-808-2531 to schedule an appointment.

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