10 Gifts You Can Give Your Boss Who Loves Golf

No matter the occasion, gifting presents to your boss can be a daunting and stressful ordeal. However, finding the perfect gift can be a great reflection of how much you appreciate, admire, or just like your boss.

To help you out, we’ve created this short list of 10 golf gifts that would be perfect to give your boss! 

1.) A Dozen Balls

One of the most universal gifts you can give someone who loves golf is a dozen golf balls. Our personal recommendation is a box of Pro V1’s as they are nearly universally liked. However, any set of tour-level balls from any manufacturer will most likely be appreciated as a gift. A dozen tour balls usually range in price from $34.99-$44.99. This makes them an excellent price category for a friendly gift to a boss, retirement gift, etc. Furthermore, no golfer can ever have enough golf balls stored up so you could rest assured your gift wouldn’t go unused!

2.) Tees 

Golf tees are one of those things like sugar, flour, salt, etc. Golfers always expect to have some, but they somehow never have any when they need them. Grabbing some golf tees can be a much appreciated small gift for a boss or coworker. Tees come in a few different sizes and a couple different styles. Luckily tees are usually very inexpensive so picking out a couple different bags of tees can still be very affordable. If you want to be more interesting, you could even purchase some exotic tee styles like Martini tees or Brush-T’s!

3.) Gloves

Golf gloves can be a great gift for any golf enthusiast you work with. However, gloves come in many different sizes so unless you know exactly what size gloves your boss wears it may be an item to keep away from. 

4.) Hat(s)

This can be both a great gift and a boring one. Many golfers have too many hats already. Nonetheless, many golfers (even those with “too” many) would love a couple more hats as well. If your boss has a favorite golf brand, clothing brand, or even sports team then a hat sporting that insignia would be a great choice. Unless you know his or her head size, we recommend sticking to adjustable hats as those offer the most versatility in terms of sizing!

5.) Range Card

All golfers spend hours and hours practicing out on the range. The truth is that those range balls ain’t that cheap. The gift of a range card to the local golfing range can be one of the simplest and yet most appreciated gifts you could give. It’s also a good gift to a boss you don’t like, as hopefully it’ll keep him or her out of the office more!

6.) Gift Certificate 

Once again, this is a very universal gift. A gift card to any local course or golf shop allows your boss to pick out his or her own gift. A gift card to a local course could also allow your boss to play a round of golf on you. Golf is a great gift as it’s professional but also incredibly fun and enjoyable at the same time. 

7.) Ball Maker

A ball marker or divot tool is a very mundane thing in concept. However over the years we’ve seen some truly incredible ones. Whether it’s custom made, engraved, or just plain cool looking this can be the perfect small gift for a boss. There’s certainly some level of bragging rights if you pull out an exceptionally cool ball marker. This is also a great opportunity to prove how much you know about your boss by getting one that’s personal in some way. 

8.) Golf Polo

Golf fashion is an immensely important part of the game whether we like it or not. Golf polos are specially made to enable maximum shoulder rotation and stay tucked in during your swing. In recent years several brands have increased the science behind their materials with moisture wicking and cool technology embedded in the fabrics. Gifting a polo from Adidas, Travis Mathew, or a multitude of other brands can be the perfect gift for your golfing boss. Just be sure to include a gift receipt in case you guess the wrong size!

9.) Golf Lesson

I’ll preface that most golf lessons are far from cheap. This is not an inexpensive gift and depending on your boss it may not be the right one. However there’s plenty of active golfers that want to improve their game, yet can’t stomach purchasing lessons themselves. It is honestly true that the majority of golfers would benefit more from lessons than new clubs. If your boss is just starting, not happy with how their game is, or just is trying to improve then this is a perfect and personal gift! 

10.) Golf Putter 

We will end our list with what is most likely the most expensive item we included. Golf putters come in a variety of price ranges and usability. If your boss is retiring, an engraved putter can be a great gift. It is important to remember that most golfers play with a specific putter that is a specific length, head type, etc. The odds of you guessing the perfect one for them are usually slim. However, quality brands to shop would include Odyssey, Ping, Scotty Cameron, Bettinardi, and more. Putters can be true works of art, so in terms of gifts they often are the best choice. 

If you have any gift suggestions that we didn’t include be sure to comment below!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what clubs you’d get for your golf-loving boss!


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