Scott Bushing, Club Fitter/Sales Associate

As far back as Scott Bushing can remember golf has been a constant in his life. Scott’s father had a passion for the tradition rich game which he instilled in his children. At a young age, Scott was taught respect for the game and old school playing fundamentals. He believes that a strong foundation is an essential component in all aspects of the game.

Scott left all that was familiar in Southern California when his family relocated to Sacramento in the 1980’s. He attended Rio Americano High School and immersed himself into his new surroundings. During those formative high school years, he discovered Haggin Oaks where he felt a sense of familiarity.

In the years following high school, Scott worked in the local golf industry for 15+ years before finding his way to Morton Golf. During his tenure, Scott quickly gained a following by providing personalized one on one service. Today, Scott combines his innate skill for club fitting with knowledge and enthusiasm.

To say Scott has a passion for golf is an understatement. He has a love for the culture and is eager to help others improve. His teaching methods range from back to basics to the pursuit of mastery. Scott is truly motivated by the pure love of the game. He believes that golf has a place for every level player.