Pat Carroll, Teaching Professional

Pat’s knowledge of the physics & biomechanics of the golf swing are beyond compare


PatCarroll_1000A former owner and operator of King of Clubs in Elk Grove California, Pat Carroll joined Haggin Oaks in April 2013.  Pat began as a Sports Coach in 1977 and has been training golfers since 2004.

Pat has coached all kinds of golfers from the raw beginner to the professional competitor. His students include the 2012 United States African American Golfer of the Year, James Reede. Professional competitors include the 2012 REMAX Open World Champion, Ryan Winther and the 2013 REMAX Women’s World Champion, Heather LeMaster.

His knowledge of the physics and biomechanics of the golf swing, as well as his ability to teach them, are beyond compare. Aside from his teaching achievements, he has also been ranked in the Top 100 nationally as a club fitter. Knowing how to get the right equipment into a golfer’s hands is a science and a talent. Also a certified master club builder, Pat knows what it takes to perfectly fit clubs to get the most out of your swing.



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