Haggin Oaks cancels the 2020 Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Over the many years of hosting the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, we have had the unique privilege to meet all of you and create lasting memories.

The impact of COVID-19 (or more commonly known as Coronavirus) is being felt far and wide across every part of our lives. Because the health, safety, and well-being of our staff, and customers come before everything else we do at Morton Golf and Haggin Oaks Golf Complex, we have made the decision to cancel our annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Our team recognizes the obligation we have to the community to keep everyone safe above all else.  We want to make it clear that we are in it together and we always have been. As we look back after this emergency, we want to say we successfully protected our team members, customers, and communities through this pandemic. Haggin Oaks and the Morton Golf Foundation will be working harder to make the 2021 Annual Easter Egg Hunt more memorable than ever before. Until then, we highly encourage everyone to stay safe and continue to make as many positive memories with friends and family.

These pictures from last year brightened up our day. We hope they will brighten up your day as well.