MacKenzie’s Sports Bar & Grille

Today’s Public Par-Seeker Prefers Playing with a Refined Palate

“Over the hill at Haggin Oaks, it’s not so much that the food is overly exotic or unexpected at MacKenzie’s Bar and Grille (named for the golf course’s original architect, an old Scot named Alister). As the city’s No. 1 muni, its clientele is looking for a good, solid variety of fresh fare, and this step-up-and-order facility doesn’t disappoint. The breakfast sandwiches and omelets are outstanding, lunch specials have that homemade glow (check out all the local suits sneaking in for a bite and maybe a few practice putts outside the door), and the dinner hour gets its share of business, too. Proprietor Ken Morton and his family took this place up a notch five years ago, decorating its tables and walls with memorabilia from Haggin’s 75-year history; clearly they were a quick study when it came to dishing up diner-with-a-difference food, done well. The course’s amazingly rich story is chronicled on the walls and tables of MacKenzie’s through framed and lacquered newspaper clippings, photos, scorecards, ads — a treasure trove of artifacts that paint a detailed picture of how the golf business should be run.”

“When people come through the door, it’s human instinct to take only five seconds to make an internal decision on what that place is like,” Haggin Oaks Director of Golf Ken Morton, Sr. says at his favorite table at MacKenzie’s, Haggin Oaks’ bustling, welcoming, 5-year-old bar and grill, which over any given lunch hour is populated by hardcore golfers settling up after a morning round, suit-and-tied businessmen surfing their laptops or local blue-collar types in search of a good sandwich and even better company. “That’s how it works. You’re sizing up the indirect as much as the direct encounter — is the guy over there cooking busy, is the bartender friendly, is the waitress friendly, and how’s she carrying herself? You’re taking that all in. When employees realize the importance of the indirect side and how easy it is to turn people off, it’s a profound change in them. It only takes one mistake to cause people not to come back.”

Vic Williams
Fairways & Greens Magazine
June 2010

Questions? To reach MacKenzie’s Sports Bar and Grille, give us a call at 916-808-2532.

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