Technology-Based Golf Lessons

TrackMan Swing and Video Analysis ($150/hr)

As seen on PGA Tour telecasts on the Golf Channel, TrackMan is the most state-of-the-art technology in golf today; both for clubfitting and teaching. TrackMan offers a video module along with the 3D club movement module, which gives exact data and feedback such as: club speed, attack angle, club path, vertical swing plane, horizontal swing plane, face angle, ball speed and ball spin axis. This data allows the student and coach to visually see exactly what the golf club is doing through impact leading to faster improvement and lower scores. This lesson will take place in the Haggin Oaks Player Performance Studio.

For more information or to schedule a technology-based golf lesson, please call our Golf Concierge at (916) 808-2531.

SAM Putt Lab Stroke Analysis ($125/hour)

A training system that is based on accurate ultrasound measurements. It is used by many PGA and LPGA tour players, as well as many of the top 50 golf instructors in the world. SAM Putt Lab analyzes the 28 most important parameters of your putting stroke and displays the results in easy to understand graphic reports. Discover your individual strengths and weaknesses for a better and more efficient putting stroke, while developing a more precise practice program.

To schedule a lesson with our SAM Putt Lab, call our Golf Concierge at (916) 808-2531.

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