Advanced Coaching Experience


“Experience our Difference”

Would you be interested in an experience that opens your life to a universe of possibilities? Through our exceptional services, outstanding facilities and innovative programs, the staffs at the City of Sacramento Golf Courses believe you will have a unique and wonderful experience. One program that we instituted in our coaching styles is the ADVANCED COACHING EXPERIENCE (A.C.E. Program). Through several days of Emotional Intelligence Workshops every golf teacher/coach working for Morton Golf has pledged to embrace and deliver to you the ADVANCED COACHING EXPERIENCE. The mission of the Morton Golf A.C.E.


“We strongly believe coaching is a collaborative journey of self discovery. It is our job to unlock every person’s potential to maximize their own performance by empowering them to self correct and self generate. While we teach the techniques of playing golf, we also coach to inspire, motivate and perpetuate a love and passion for the game.”

We want you to know the A.C.E. Program is all about our coaches helping you reach your potential through a process of self actualization – through your styles of learning, not ours. We hope you will choose Morton Golf and the City of Sacramento Golf Facilities for your instructional needs. We are deeply committed to our purpose (reason for being in existence):