Play Golf America

The PGA of America has developed a comprehensive marketing strategy to increase participation among existing adult golfers and to grow the number of people who play the game under the banner of Play Golf America. This initiative has been supported by a variety of allied organizations, including the LPGA, National Golf Course Owners Association, PGA TOUR, United States Golf Association, plus others that annually participate in the Golf 20/20 Conference each year.

The Play Golf America web site was developed, to serve as a link for consumers to access adult player development programs that will ensure their commitment to the game. Programs featured on the website are designed to be fun, affordable and informative so that adults and their families can learn the game, and former and occasional golfers can develop a stronger connection to the game.

This one-stop website provides access to a variety of golf clinics and events for players of all abilities, including you. Whether you’re new to the game, or only play occasionally, this is where the fun begins. You can learn all about programs that fit the time you have available and your budget. You’ll find other players of equal ability to you, thus making your experience comfortable and enjoyable. Simply select the programs that appeal to you, type in your zip code, and search for any host facilities in your area that offer the kind of programs you are seeking.

The adult programs at Haggin Oaks are listed on Play Golf America. We encourage you to discover all the ways you can get more golf into your life through