Family Golf

Originally golf was perceived as being mostly a man’s sport, then in the middle 1980’s Golf Digest Magazine promoted the need for youth golf. On the heels of the explosion of youth golf, Tiger Woods entered the Men’s Tour and during the middle 1990’s he quickly became the #2 recognized athlete in all of sports, dramatically increasing interest in the sport of golf. Golfer’s began to read that Tiger started playing when he was 3 years old. During this same period, Annika Sorenstam was also creating huge influence and recognition as a World Class Woman Golfer. Add the changing American Lifestyle of more focus on the family to all of this media attention with Tiger and Annika and golf quickly became a FAMILY SPORT. Now that Dad, Mom and Juniors are all taking up the game, what better way is there for families to enjoy time together than on a golf course? The City of Sacramento Golf Courses and Morton Golf are developing programs and price opportunities to promote family golf. Families can participate together in the following group lesson programs:

Step 1: Welcome to Golf Class – $39.95 per student

The most popular way to begin or return to the game. National surveys have proven beginning golfer’s learn more quickly and have greater enjoyment of golf if they begin with an orientation to the game before taking beginning golf lessons. The Welcome to Golf class is designed to introduce brand new golfers to the facility, etiquette, rules, how to book starting times, how to play golf, how to select the right golf equipment, as well as instruction on simple, basic fundamentals. This instruction will include: putting, chipping and the full swing.

Time: 2 – 90 minute sessions (3 hours of total instruction)
Ratio: 15 students to 1 instructor

Step 2: Link up 2 Golf Class – $129.95 per student

Designed around having fun, learning the basics and preparing for actual play. Golf is all about having fun. This class is geared around having fun while providing more one on one time with the golf coach for a deeper understanding of the short game and golf swing as well as how to prepare to play on the golf course. Beginning golfers, infrequent golfers and former golfers are encouraged to be a part of this experience.

Time: 6 – 90 minute sessions (9 hours of total instruction)
Ratio: 10 students to 2 instructors

Step 2.5: Link up 2 Golf Class II – $129.95 per student

Designed around having fun, while providing more advanced coaching to take your game from the practice tee to the course. The 4 sessions will include advanced short game shots and full swing as well as on course sessions to improve and increase play. Golfers who have completed Link Up 2 Golf and intermediate skilled golfers are encouraged to participate in this class.

Time: 4 – 90 minute sessions (6 hours of total instruction)
Ratio: 8 students to 1 instructor

Step 3: Practice Makes Perfect Class – $99.95 per student

Let’s play golf, socialize and have fun! Time to put into use your fundamentals and have fun with other golfers while continuing to grow your own game through instruction and supervised practice. This class allows access to come to any number of the sessions to build lasting relationships with other people that love the game of golf while at the same time becoming more comfortable with all aspects of the game including putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play and full swing.

Time: Wednesday nights 6:00 ~ 7:00pm (June 4th thru September 30th – weather permitting)

Join a Home Club

The Sacramento Golf Club has a large contingency of men, women and junior members. You may join by either picking up applications in the main golf shop or by requesting applications by writing to the:

Sacramento Golf Club
P. O. Box 214627
Sacramento, California 95821-0627

Special Green Fee Rates

Junior golfers are provided reduced rates nearly every day on all of the City of Sacramento Golf Courses by attending an etiquette class or by participating in one of the golf classes given at any of the City Golf Courses. Another tremendous opportunity for families is to come out after 6PM when mom and dad receive extremely low rates and juniors who play with adults can play for only $1.50. Special family memories are the experiences of playing golf together when the shadows of the trees are stretching across the fairways at the end of the day. Playing golf until dark during the long days of summer and stopping into the grille to get a hamburger and soft drink or a dessert before going home is fast becoming a way of life for many families in the Sacramento area. Don’t miss out on this tremendously affordable opportunity for family golf.