The GolfBoard is Now Available for Rental at Haggin Oaks

Introducing a NEW golf experience at Haggin Oaks. For your next round, try the GolfBoard to skate or surf your way around the course! Click HERE to register. 

Haggin-GolfBoard-10Haggin Oaks is bringing back fun and fast play on the golf course. We now have four GolfBoards available to rent while playing on the Alister MacKenzie Golf Course. Since there are a limited number of GolfBoards available, we recommend reserving one in advance. To reserve, call the Haggin Oaks Pro Shop at 916-808-2525. GolfBoards are ONLY available to rent on the Alister MacKenzie Golf Course and the cost is only an additional $8 fee for 18 holes over our Riding Rate for this unique experience.

Click HERE to book your tee time on Alister MacKenzie.

To save time once you arrive for your round of golf, complete the required safety and liability waiver in advance. Click HERE to complete the waiver.

Considered by some as the most innovative invention for golf since the graphite shaft, the GolfBoard is forever changing the way golfers experience the game. Powered by an environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery, the GolfBoard is an easy-to-ride vehicle.  It adds a new level of fun and excitement for golfers of all ages. It allows golfers to ‘Surf the Earth’ in a way that feels similar to snowboarding, surfing, or skateboarding. Golfing with a GolfBoard, or ‘GolfBoarding’ as we like to call it, changes the golfing experience, without changing the spirit and traditions of the game.

Watch this video to learn more about the GolfBoard with the 83 year old inventor, Don Wildman featured on CBS This Morning.

The GolfBoard is great for all ages. It has a maximum speed of 10 mph and travels downhill without picking up additional speed. The battery lasts around 36 holes. Since Haggin Oaks has a limited number of GolfBoards available, call the Haggin Oaks Pro Shop at 916-808-2525 today to reserve yours. Get ready to skate or surf the course at Haggin Oaks!