Save The Date- Morton Golf Foundation’s Charity Putt-tastic! Putt-tacular! Putt-athon!

On Friday, June 29, 2012, the 501 3c non-profit children’s charity Morton Golf Foundation will be hosting their inaugural Putt-tastic! Putt-tacular! Putt-athon. The Morton Golf Foundation fundraises to enrich the lives of less fortunate kids through the game and values of golf.

For those golfers interested in the event, contact Jane Siebers at or 916.808.0969 at your earliest convenience.   Jane will be your “Biggest Cheerleader” and keep you up to date on the event and how you are doing.   The goal is to have over 144 “Putters” on Friday, June 29th at Haggin Oaks and each one having a goal of raising $250.00 +.

We’ll be celebrating everyone’s fundraising accomplishments with a social party with food and music from accomplished Warner-Chappel Nashville singer/songwriter Chris Roberts from the group Summerlin Road inside the Pavilion. It will prove to be lots of fun.

Never hesitate to contact Jane regarding any questions or needs.  We are all working as a “TEAM” to collect donations that can be given directly back to our area youth, disabled and underserved.


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