Play a New Game of Golf with Our New Golf Boards!

Surf the earth and experience golf in a whole new way with our all new GolfBoards that are available for rent here at Haggin Oaks!

These boards allow you to surf all around the course with ease, feel the fresh air as you move from hole to hole, be able to navigate the course more easily, are less bumpy and ultimately just allow you to to have a more enjoyable golf experience.

The golf Board was created with fun-seeking golfers like you in mind. The people that love the game AND the overall experience, and who are always looking for ways to make it better.

Haven’t used one before?

No worries, they are easy to learn and once you get the basics you are off to the races having the time of your life out on the course, going from green to green with ease. It’s even great for people with back pain who can’t sit much or have pain when a golf cart goes over bumps.

Think it might be more difficult than a cart?

It’s actually easier! They have done tests and have found that using a GolfBoard can cut your speed of play in half, allowing you to even play 36 holes in 5 hours if you want to!

And, what makes it even better is that our new GolfBoards have bigger wheels, higher clearance, better boards to stand on and even better battery life, so you never have to worry about getting stuck or running out of battery out on the course.

Come on out and rent one the next time you play a round of golf and experience for yourself how much more fun (I know, who would have thought it could get more fun) golf can be with a GolfBoard!

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