Dick McShane from the Haggin Oaks Golf Course

Frank LaRosa, host of Golf to Go on ESPN 1320, recently sat down to talk to tenured teaching professional Dick McShane from the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex.

Dick McShane, Tenured Golf ProfessionalDick McShane has been teaching at Haggin Oaks for over 30 years and has coached over 6500 students over the years.

If you are looking for a golf instructor that knows the game inside and out, then Dick McShane is the ideal coach for you. He has many years of practical experience. He has also gone through several PGA Teaching Coaching Summits, the Northern California PGA Teaching Forums, and he also has an extensive library of videos from the top teachers that he utilizes as well.

To sign up for a lesson, call 916-808-2531. You’ll learn how to play golf in a fun, non-threatening manner. Golf is a game that you can play for the rest of your life. Get started today!

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