Meet Our Super Shop Staff

Please click on the following links to see the biography for each of our Haggin Oaks Super Shop Staff Members:

  • Tammy Beckman, Sales Associate/Personal Shopper

    Tammy Beckman started her career as a merchandiser before transitioning to the sales team in 2014. The most rewarding part of being a salesperson for Tammy is getting to help her customers find an outfit they didn’t think they could wear, finding something they wouldn’t have tried on, choosing a color they never considered, or finding a brand they had never previously discovered.

  • Donna Dupree, Sales Associate/Personal Shopper

    Donna Dupree is a Sales Associate for Haggin Oaks with an extensive retail background. Before coming to Haggin Oaks in April 2011, she spent 25 years with Bonney & Gordon at Town and Country Village. Donna always has a sunny disposition and is one of the most knowledgeable staff members on fabrications and design.

  • Jim Ford, Sales Associate

    Jim Ford is a Sales Associate with nearly 40 years of retail experience who works in our award-winning shoe store. Whether you are new to the game or you have played golf all your life, Jim knows that you can’t play well if your feet aren’t comfortable. Although he can’t promise to take strokes off your game, once you get fitted for a new pair of shoes, you WILL look good and your feet will feel great!

  • Heather Hadley, Ladies Apparel, Footwear and Golf Bag Buyer

    Heather Hadley loves the freedom and creativity that comes with being the Ladies Apparel, Footwear and Golf Bag Buyer for Morton Golf. This gives her the opportunity to travel across the country in search of the latest and greatest fashion and technology trends. Her #1 goal is to ensure that her customers have the best selection in town.

  • Marlene Kawaguchi, Men’s and Junior Apparel Buyer / Soft Goods Sales Manager

    Marlene Kawaguchi is the buyer for Men’s and Junior Apparel and is also the Soft Goods Sales Manager. She works directly with the sales staff to coach and educate, she listens to her customers’ wants and needs, and then she acts on their requests. The cycle of buying a product with her customer in mind, merchandising it, and then seeing it sell is a always a rush for her.

  • Jenny Koplin, Sales Associate/Personal Shopper

    Jenny Koplin has been a Soft Good Sales Associate at Haggin Oaks since 2008 and will do anything within her means to help her customers. That includes getting information on products, answering questions, equipping her customers with product knowledge, informing them on new and upcoming items and events in the Super Shop, and even setting up personal shopping appointments.

  • Brett Parks, Sales Associate/Personal Shopper

    Brett Parks is a sales associate and personal shopper for Morton Golf. She is an inspiring fashion designer with a degree in Apparel Design. She was born in New Jersey and grew up in Wisconsin before moving out to California to pursue her dream in fashion design. Her favorite part of styling is getting a first hand look at the new collections and being able to use her creativity to make her customer’s fashion experience amazing.

  • Mike Pompei, Accessories Buyer

    Mike Pompei is the Accessories Buyer for Morton Golf and has been working at Haggin Oaks since 1997. If you are in need of a golf glove, golf accessory, pull cart, range finder or GPS system, Mike stocks the shelves and is always looking for new and exciting products to bring to the facility.

  • John Seiter, Clubfitting Professional

    Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, John has many years of golf experience. He has a single digit handicap and has made 5 hole-in-ones! John is looking forward to a long, continuing stint here at Haggin Oaks and servicing his wonderful clientele.

  • Nick Wallace, Sales Associate/GPS & Laser Specialist

    Nick Wallace has been working in the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop as a Sales Associate for over ten years. He is our resident GPS/Laser Specialist who demos each product to discover the features, benefits and functionality of all our electronic devices. Nick prides himself on providing great customer service to all of his patrons.

  • Michael Wilson, Club Fitter/Sales Associate

    Upon retirement, Michael Wilson had intended to rest and play golf. However, it didn’t take long before he decided to follow his passion for golf and came to work for Morton Golf at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex. After years of training, experience and a love of the game, Michael has become an excellent club fitter. His favorite expression is, “Very nice, well done!”